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10 Reasons Why Keen Readers Consider Buying an Amazon Kindle

Updated on January 5, 2015

About Amazon Kindle

The Kindle is Amazon's revolutionary ebook reader, which more than any other device or service is spearheading the shift from traditional paperback books and hardback books. This article tells you ten reasons why avid readers and book lovers should consider taking the plunge into the world of e-books and buying a Kindle.

Ancient scrap of paper almost 2,000 years old


10 Reasons

  1. You can get thousands of free books for the Kindle. That's right - free! As well as the large catalogue of out of copyright classics from the likes of Dickens, Austen, Twain and Conan Doyle, Amazon regularly run free book promotions where you can get modern books for free too.
  2. Books are generally cheaper on Kindle - Amazon is generally the cheapest place to buy books anyway, and they make sure that Kindle editions of books are the same price or cheaper than the paperback equivalent.
  3. You can get books instantly, without having to wait for them to be delivered. If you are anything like me, once you've decided to buy a book you want to start reading it straight away. Now, with a Kindle you can! This is particularly good if you are buying books from outside your country where you have to pay extra shipping costs and wait longer.
  4. You can get a substantial free sample (usually the first one or two chapters) of any Kindle books, and as many as you want too. So download lots of free first chapters so you can try before you buy!
  5. Free internet access. The Kindle comes with a free built in web browser for you to surf the web on without needing to turn on the computer. It's only black and white, and doesn't include anything fancy like flash animations, but for everyday web browsing and email it is more than sufficient.
  6. The battery life. This is one of the most impressive things about the Kindle. It uses electronic ink technology rather than a backlit display, so the battery lasts for about a month of usage. Yes, that's right, a whole month. I'm lucky if my laptop or tablet computer lasts an afternoon, and my Android phone struggles to last a full day.
  7. It will read to you - no I'm not kidding. It will convert the text of a book to speech, so effectively you've got an on-screen printed book and an audiobook rolled into one. Say you are reading it at home but then have to drive to work - you just switch from reading mode to audio mode and carry on from where you left off. This is not available on all books, if the copyright holder has withdrawn permission for audio then you won't be able to do this, but for most books you can.
  8. You can read books anywhere, whether inside or on the beach in bright sunlight. Unlike backlit screens in computers and mobile phones, the e-ink display is easy to read in bright sunlight, just like a normal book would be. If you are going on holiday, you can also take as many books as you want with you without the extra weight/baggage allowance, as Kindles will store up to 3,000 books, more than enough for even the most ardent book lover.
  9. The Kindle automatically saves where you got up to in the book for next time, and you can also add bookmarks and annotations which will remain also.
  10. It comes with a built in dictionary, so you can look up any word you are not sure about. It will also translate text for you if you wish.

Top Kindle Features

That's Just the Start...

There are so many other great features of the Amazon Kindle - you can share favourite passages and quotes with friends or the wider Kindle community, make and share notes, change font type and sizes, read magazines and newspapers, listen to music and podcasts, the list goes on and on. It truly is a revolutionary device, and with Kindles starting at only $79 dollars, why wait?

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    • angied83 profile image

      Angie D 

      6 years ago from Cebu, PH

      I love my Kindle! I haven't gone back to reading real books ever since I bought mine almost 18 months ago. The e-ink screen is just plain brilliant!


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