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Best Web Apps To Improve And Enjoy Twitter Experience

Updated on May 13, 2013

'Twitter' is the largest social networking site and it has achieved a milestone of more than 500 million users. No wonder, all over the internet, a host of third-party websites have grown quickly and all are aiming just one thing, that is to make tweeting experience more and more better. Here are some sites which will make your twitter experience more better -

Chat in a hashtag

If you are following any of the twitter user, that is, certain hashtag (twitter handles). Tweetchat will make it easier for you to follow them. You just have to sigh in there and type the user's twitter handle in the given box and you'll get a chat-room type environment which will give you a list of tweets coming in. With these you can receive tweets as well as send tweets without hashtag, that is, when type in that dialogue box, hashtag is automatically appended.

Find photos

Lot of peoples on twitter share photos which they have just found, clicked or taken, that is, from delicious food pictures to celebrities. You can't get better than twicsy specially for searching photos on the microblogging service.

Schedule a tweet

Twuffer allows twitter users to schedule their tweets which are to be send later and for these you just need to sigh in with your twitter ID, write tweet and set time,date. Make sure you have selected correct time zone before you schedule your tweet.

Fav users in your inbox

If you are following many of twitters then you may disregard some tweets of your favorites. Digestly has a solution for these, it sends a digest, either monthly, weekly or daily, of any twitter user's tweets directly to your Email-inbox. These service will make sure that you don't miss any of good tweets.

Sketch it

Words always don't convey exactly what you want to say, you may need a sketch along with your tweet. Penolo offers fundamental sketching tool and a canvas for use, when you are ready with your sketch, simply annotate it with your message and send it to your friend.

Following a conversation

If two twitter users have a conversation and if you are interested or wish to follow their conversation, whether they are your twitter friends or celebrities then you just need to sign in at conweets. After signing in, all you have to do is to just type the twitter handles of your friends or choose them from the list of followers.

Searching Twitter

Twinitor is great when it comes to searching of latest tweet updates like phrase, word, hashtag or a twitter user. Another site is Snapbird, as it offers more advanced searching options like looking through other user's favorites or timeline, tweets of your friends and more. These two sites will be more efficient than twitter's default search tool.

Shorten a message

Trying hard to shorten your message? 140it will do it, it will use tricks like 'sntnc' for sentence, '2' instead of 'to', though it might be a little grammatically troublesome but at-least your message is getting reached that also within 140-character twitter limit.

Poll your followers

Want to make a decision? are you confused? then why not ask your followers, let your followers vote. Pollowers allows you to type a question, provide as many options and also specify some duration. The question/tweet written by you will ask all your twitter followers to respond with the options provided, narrowing down your options/choices.

Share a file

Want to share any file? whether music, video, pdf, zip or any other format via twitter, just sign in at twileshare, browse the file up to 200MB to be shared in your computer, along with file, you can also send tweet or simply upload the file and send your message afterwards.


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