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Best Useful Apps to Improve Your Travel Experience For Free

Updated on February 7, 2013

You can improve your travel experience with the help of these apps which are free to use, you can install these apps in your mobile phone, use to book your hotel rooms, flights and also you can share itineraries with your friends. You can use these apps to search for best discounts at local restaurants


These app consolidates confirmations from restaurants, airlines, car or bus rentals and from hotels, all this from your e-mail account to your registered account at For this, you just need to forward the confirmation mails which you receive from the website, the website from which you book your flights as well as hotels, to The app, acts as a free mobile travel organizer, makes an itinerary which you can share among your friends at Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and also via e-mail. If you like to use this app and wish to use a year then you need to upgrade to the 'pro' version, cost is $49/year. Upgrading to 'pro' version will also send you alerts about status of the flight and also about alternate flights.

Pros - You can book cheaper flight if you've upgraded the app to pro version, that is, when air fares decline, it will send you an alert about this so that you get a chance to save money by booking cheaper flights.

Cons - If you are using the free version then you need to be careful as you cannot undo any action done like if the app consolidates and shares the information with your buddies then you cannot undo the action if you want to keep your some information secret among some friends.

To download these app go to -


These app can do many things like to search and book or cancel flights, these MakeMyTrip's travel management apps permits you to do almost everything that a simple travel agent can do, flights details, alerts if any change occurs in flights schedule, you can track your refunds. If you are in a group then you can store all the details of multiple travelers using these app in your gizmo so that next time when you book a flight you don't need to type again in details. If you have installed this app in you mobile phone, it uses phone's GPS to strike your travel site and then range in on travel cafes or restaurants and deals. You can download these app for free from Blackberry's app world, Apple's app store and also from Google Play. MakeMyTrip is upgrading their app such that these app will share itineraries with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

PROS - These app supports three modes of payments, that is, via net banking, credit cards, debit cards.

CONS - You can use these app only to book domestic flights and not international flights. You can't book train tickets as well.

To download these app go to -


This app works on all mobile phones for free. Isn't it a great idea, to bump into a good friend while you waste your time by waiting for long period of time, hours, at an airport? These Tripalong helps to make possible such unexpected and fortunate meetings. All you have to do is, just go to and register yourself for free and enter details of your flight. If any of your friends are registered at then this app will sync your travel itinerary with them and will alert you if any of your friends are around at same time as you are, say on same flight or city, airport or at same place. If you don't wish to share your details among some of your friends then you can change your privacy settings and share travel plans only with those selected by you.

Pros - If you have booked your flight from any other website then also these app synchronizes flight details.

Cons - You need to have a high-speed internet connection to make this app work smoothly. This app lacks the ability of send alerts for arrival and departure of flights, flight schedules which erodes some of its sheen.

To download these app go to -


You need to download it's app to your Android and Apple phones, if you are a member of it's site. It's a site that consolidates your journey timings. These site is connected to all the worldwide ticket booking agencies such as Galileo such that when any bookings like hotel or flight is done by you, the details is updated on your ViewTrip profile. The app provides details like live weather forecast, city guides, manages travel itinerary, airport guide, flight schedules and it's updates.

Pros - The app has a section for currency conversion such that it helps the traveler to search for banks which are nearby. With the help of this app you can find best deals and discounts at nearby restaurants at your journey locations.

Cons - As your SIM would be in roaming mode, the cost of internet connection would be high because the app continuously keeps on checking it's server for any updates which may increase your data charge.

To download these app go to -

BlackBerry Travel

These app is available only for users who has BlackBerry mobile phones. These app is very useful travel manager, with this app you can plan your journey, manage it, book hotels and share your travel plans among your friends. As soon as you register an account, it starts to synchronize automatically all you travel verifications, directly to your registered account on the app from your email account and its calender. If any of your LinkedIn friends might have planed the same route as you then it will let you know. You can also search for Car rents, arranging pick/drop services and also deals on hotels.

Pros - These travel app can book hotel rooms for you directly.

Cons - You cannot share your travel plans among Facebook, Twitter friends but only with LinkedIn friends and you also cannot book any flights.

To download these app go to -


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