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10 Tips to Take Advantage of Google Plus in Your Online Content

Updated on April 16, 2015

Advantages of Google Plus and Social Networking

After being launched by Google in 2012, Google Plus has over 250 million users and the number is still growing. Google plus is a social network just like Facebook with a few differences here and there with the major one being that with Google Plus, you are able to group your followers and friends in 'circles' thus giving you the upper hand of relevant messages to targeted group of friends. This enables you to avoid mass posting resulting in the loss of followers and friends. This article is meant to simplify Google Plus so that as a user, you can take advantage of Google plus efficiency. These ten tips below will make you appreciate this new social network phenomenon.

Google Plus Profile Area

Profile Area: just like in Squidoo, this area acts like your company logo and identifies you from 'others'. Using your profile picture enables your readers and followers trust you and know you exist; this makes you real and start building relationships for whatever business you have online. In this section, you can highlight your business thus making it personal and attract visitors.

Google Plus Circles

Google circles: The circle feature enables you interact directly with specific friend and followers. This is the targeted audience with whom you can send information and updates as per your relationship with them. With this feature, you cannot apply mass posts as this will turn out to be irrelevant to some of your friends and followers. This feature helps you group your followers into customers, family, acquaintances, workmates and social friends.

Google Drag and Drop

Drag and Drop: This is a feature just like in Squidoo helps you enhance your creativeness. You can drag and drop links, videos and photos from your desktop to Google Plus comment section. This way you can come up with unique content as people are more interested with what they see and not what they read and this is a way of increasing traffic.

Google Hangout Zone

Hangouts Zone: This feature helps Google stand tall among other social networks like Facebook; this helps you communicate by sharing a video between ten people at once. This creative innovation is ideal for e-classes, webinars, meetings and video talk. With a touch of a button, you can communicate globally.

Google URL Shortening Service:

URL Shortening Service: This enables you to negate the use of the default Google; it enables you to use a nickname by just going to G and typing your URL nickname. This can be your real or company name.

Google Plus Sparks

Google sparks: This is the most interesting feature in Google Plus; all you have to do is select and enter a keyword and anytime a relevant content to your keyword is posted, you get alerts. This is a great way to search and be updated on relevant sharing content.

Google Circle Invites

Circle Invites: This feature has Google suggestions of people you can invite to your circles. You invite people and direct them to the relevant circle. This function enables you to continuously build your network of friends.

Google Mashable

Mashable:Google Mashable is a news function of Google Plus and brings to you the latest features, updates and other digital news from the social media.

Google Plus Notifications

Google Plus Notifications: It allows you to comment directly on the window and you do not have to comment on a different window and helps in time saving.

Google Settings Check

These settings vary and depend on your preference and you have the option to choose the ones available to you.

These features are meant for you to enjoy with Google Plus though they have not become a powerhouse like Facebook, there is still room for improvement and this works to the advantage during your lens building.

Use these 10 tips to take advantage of Google plus in your lens and be ahead of the competition.


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