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11 Top Ideas to Make Money Online from Blogging.

Updated on September 8, 2013

How to Make Money Online

With the worldwide invasion of the internet, there are now several exciting and easy ways for you to earn money online. One of these is through blogging, which is considered the number one forms of marketing. In blogging, all you have to do is to write articles about interesting topics or products and post them at a certain website. If you own an online business or website and you don’t have a blog, you’re behind the times. In this guide you will learn how to do blogging and how a blog can help make your business more successful. If you would like to know how to make money online through blogs,you are reading the right article.

Here are 11 Top Ideas to Make Money Online From Blogging:

1. Of course, the first thing you need to do in order to unlock the gold mine in blogging is to create your very own blog using free blogging services such as or The best thing about these two blogging services is that they are very easy to use due to their user-friendly interface

2. After deciding how you will host your blog site, the next step is to decide what you will call it. Choose a name for your blog. Make it short, easy to spell and easy to remember. It is also helpful if it is your business related or incorporates one or more of your keywords. However, don’t put too much emphasis on this. It’s better to register a short, catchy domain name that doesn’t use keywords than a longer, boring domain that does.

3. Do not start blogging without thorough research for your niche product ideas. Find a niche product you know and enjoy writing about it. When you look for your product ideas avoid single words such as health, diet, beauty, furniture, etc. Phrases using two or more words typically represent a product niche better and are more likely to be buying phrases people use when searching for products to buy.

4. Read blogs on related topics for ideas. If you want to become the best, go out and see what the best are doing. Look at their style and approach. Notice what they’ve done‐ their design, writing style, images, layout, etc. Then take their approach and put your own unique spin on it.

5. Build these blog pages: Generally a blog should have the following seven pages. In some cases it may work to combine a couple of the pages into one.

Contact Us: Readers or other bloggers are going to want to get in touch with you for various reasons, so you need a page that clearly shows how to do it. The most important method of contact is email.

About Us: The About Us page is where you tell your readers more about you as a blogger. You can be much more personal in your blog than you would be in an About Us page on a website.

Archives: All blogs need an Archives page. The Archives page is similar to a sitemap on a regular website.

Policies: As you get started with your blog take some time to decide what your policy will be for comments that visitors leave and for advertising. Reviewing some blogs that cover your market niche and their policies will help you decide how you want to proceed.

Information for Advertisers: Once you start getting visitors, you may start receiving emails about advertising possibilities. You will want to create a page that answers the questions that advertisers will have. This page would be a good place to list your Google Page Rank and Alexa ranking, and show any statistical evidence you have of the numbers and the characteristics of visitors to your blog. You want to tell advertisers how advertising with you will benefit them.

Blogroll: A blogroll is a list of links to blogs that you enjoy that are within your market niche. You could include a short sentence describing each blog. It’s kind of like the Links pages you see on regular eCommerce sites.

Resources: Include a list of services and tools related to your market niche. This provides an excellent service to your readers and adds to your own credibility. Be sure to include a short description with each one.

6. In blogging, you should also possess good writing skills. How will you be able to make money from blogs if no one would be interested to read them, right? This is the reason why you need to make sure that all blogs you create are interesting to read and will inform people regarding the things they want to know. Some of the topics your blogs can focus on are current events, politics, sports and many more. Just be informative and witty. You can also add some spice to your blog to make it more interesting, so a little controversy would not hurt.

7. Another way on how to make money with blogs is to blog consistently. Research and write at least three pillar posts that will serve as a foundation for your blog. You can post three blogs a week in order to sustain your visibility in the online realm. Create and follow a regular schedule for creating new blog posts. Submit your posts to different sites.

8. You can also add Google ads to the blogs you create in order to generate income. You can make this possible by joining AdWords, which can be done from the website of Google. You can also use other popular ad choices such as CrispAds and BlogAds.

9. After gaining a 6-month experience in blogging, you can already pass your resume to popular blog networks such as Wise Bread, 451 Press and b5Media to start working. The good thing about these networks is that they give you the opportunity to earn more. In order for you to find other blogging opportunities, you can also visit the “Pro Blogger Job Board”.

10. Another way on how to make money blogging is to get sponsored by a business. Well, this will be possible if you blog about the topics that a business may get interested in.

11. You can monetize your blog using affiliate programs and adsense in order for you to earn more through blogging. The following are some of the best affiliate programs that you can count on: Commission Junction,Clickbank and Amazon.

These are just some of the ways on how to make money through blogs. If you know that you have what it takes to be a great blogger, why don’t you search for blogging opportunities now? You will surely earn a lot.


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