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2012 Tweet Adder Twitter Software Discount Coupon Code

Updated on February 23, 2012

Twitter Tips and Twitter Advice

Get More Followers on twitter

The 2012 Tweet Adder discount coupon code for twitter automation software is live, and that means that you can save money on Tweet Adder in 2012 and get more twitter followers sooner than you think. Perhaps you've never heard of Tweet Adder and your wondering why someone would be interested in buying twitter automation software. If that is the case, you will find plenty of information on twitter software in this article. This article will also have twitter tips that will help you get more followers on twitter and it will also have the coupon code for tweet adder, you can use that coupon code to get 20% off on Tweet Adder.

Tweet Adder twitter software is twitter automation software that helps you save time on twitter in a variety of ways. The software is very affordable and is available for Mac and PC. Here are some of the features that Tweet Adder offers.

  • Automate an unlimited amount of twitter accounts
  • Automate follows on twitter
  • Automate unfollows on twitter
  • Automatically follow people back on twitter everyday
  • The ability to automate direct messages on twitter
  • The ability to automate tweets on twitter and keep in contact with people that are following you on twitter
  • Advanced search features that help you find the most relevant followers on twitter. This is very important because the more relevant your followers are, the more likely you are to get people to click your links, and the more likely you are to make money on twitter. The twitter search feature allows you to find people based on keywords that are mentioned in tweets or based on the keywords that are used in someone's biography within the twitter profile. You can also search for people on twitter based on the demographic area that you search for, which is very effective for local marketing and restaurant marketing.

Save Money On Tweet Adder Twitter Software

Its very easy to save money on Tweet Adder twitter software now that there is a coupon code available to the public. I wish there was a coupon when I decided to buy the software, but nevertheless I think it was well worth the investment anyway. I now run over 7 twitter accounts that are all related to different niches and each account has over 2,000 followers.

You can save money on Tweet Adder by going to the Tweet Adder Discount Website typing in the coupon code "tweetsavings505" and when you will be able to save up to $36 on Twitter software. When you get to the purchase Tweet Adder page, you will see an area where you can enter in the coupon code and instantly save money.


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      Hugo 3 years ago

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