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3 Blogging Tips to Satisfy Your Readers

Updated on May 16, 2012

Hundreds of blogging tips out here all mention that driving more readers is the most essential factor to assure success. Nonetheless, should we disregard reader loyalty? We should be reminder that grabbing the attention of online users is just one part of the equation. They must have a reason to stay and visit your sites regularly. To help you on this matter, this article will discuss three proven effective blogging tips that will surely boost your income in no time!

Don’t Overdo SEO

It’s a fact that making your blog posts search engine friendly can increase its chance to gain more views. However, overdoing it will make the content unrealistic. In the end, you won’t be gathering relevant views but only those that come and go. It’s better to invest on blog posts which can sustain a considerable number of page views for years than one that will just be relevant for a couple of days. Your blog posts must be very easy to read so try to make it as natural as possible.

Don’t Veer From the Main Topic

Who would want to waste time? As much as you do, readers are also aiming to find what they need online while exerting less effort and time possible. This is the main reason why you should make your blog posts straight to the point. Adding up irrelevant notes just to make it look longer or serve as icing of the cake will only bore your audience. Give them everything that they need no more, no less and they’ll surely come back for more. Keep in mind that blogging is not all about how many posts you have but how relevant they are. If your post is important and is very interesting expect more views and eventually more profit from it.

Talking About Yourself Won’t Do

Don’t expect people to appreciate blogging which centers about personal topics. Blogging should be an activity that aims for the reader’s satisfaction, not yours. Their reaction to your blog will decide whether it’s worth investing time, effort, and money. However, there are some successful blogs out there which aims to share the personal feelings of their owner. They are well-written and exciting which made their success not surprising. But still, taking this gamble is not necessary. Why not talk about topics that are sure hit and will surely grab the attention of many online users?

Blogging should be fun. Most of you may find the three tips mentioned above simple yet their importance should never be underestimated. Always remember that reader loyalty is the main factor that influences blogging success. Keep your readers excited. Make it fun and you won’t notice how much effort and time you spent in making a diverse and successful blog. The first step is the hardest so have the courage to explore and start your journey towards blogging success!


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    • Cameron Conner profile image

      Cameron Conner 5 years ago from Cornelius, North Carolina

      Wonderful tips. Totally agree that you shouldn't blog about personal topics. Well, i guess you could if it was just a hobby and you had no interest in actually making money. There are several of those blogs on free sites like blogger. However, the ones that make the most money are often the ones that center around making money.

    • profile image

      dxnworks 5 years ago

      Thanks you Alma Cabse, very intersting for a beginer like me..