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4 Ways to Add Google Adsense to Your Wordpress Blog

Updated on September 30, 2014

Many people decide to get a with the intentions of making money in ways they can't with A blog gives you complete control over your own website allowing you to monetize it and post as many affiliate links as you want which is good for those looking to make a few bucks online. However, when people start their own self-hosted WordPress site they know very little about monetizing their sites, specifically adding Google Adsense. In this article, I will give you 3 very easy ways to add Google Adsense to your own blog.

1. Widgets- The first and potentially easiest way to add Adsense to your blog is via a Text widget. You can easily copy the ad codes of any size or type of ad to this widget which lets you paste HTML. This is great because it puts your ready to use ad in the sidebar.

2. HTML- This is definitely the hardest way to add Google Adsense, but is probably the best. This method allows you to put ads at the top or bottom of posts, or even after the first article on your home page. You will have to go into the HTML editor and a mistake can be very costly, so do this only if you are confident.

3. Themes- It is possible to get themes for your blog that are optimized for Adsense. These themes allow you to put any type of HTML, specifically Google Adsense, in any position allowed as placement varies with each theme. This can also be considered just as easy or even easier than using widgets and the ads can be placed in positions with better click through rates.

4. Plugins- There are many WordPress plugins that help you with getting Adsense ads on your blog. These plugins can have a variety of features from plugins that randomly place your ads throughout your blog while others rotate between other programs like Chitika. View the 10 Best Adsense Ready WordPress Plugins.

Now that you know how to add Google Adsense to your blog in multiple ways, you can begin making as much money as you want. There is a lot of potential in making money from Google Adsense and you must learn how to use that potential.

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    • profile image

      Open 2 years ago

      After reading this I thhguot it was eventually very informative. I admire you taking the time and effort to put this post together. Once again I find myself spending way to any more time both reading and even commenting. However so what, it was still worth it!

    • redwards01 profile image

      redwards01 5 years ago from Bermuda

      Once again, thank you CloudExplorer. I am glad you are able to find use of my hub as I try to make my helpful to those who can use the hub. Also, regarding the layout, I try to lay it out in a way that is easy to read because I don't like reading large chunks of text at once.

      I don't want to be overly promotional, but if you want to get a free web hosting for a site, the website linked to in number 3 (plugins) actually reviews a website that allows you to host for free. If you surf around the site, you should find it easily.

      Thanks again mate

    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 5 years ago from New York City

      Cool hub here bro, I recommend to increase your number of viewers is to try and read many more hubs, and keep leaving great comments, but be wise not to run them away, meaning like try not to come off to harsh on their hub, after all we all work hard here no matter our beliefs in things or perspective, you know.

      I like the overall layout of this hub, the info is well presented, and there is no error in spelling or grammar that I could detect if any. Nice job and I use wordpress the dot come version, I have yet to venture off into the .org one yet.

      In due time, but I do use widgets plugins, and all that you've presented here for all of my other websites I design, cool stuff here though I'll bookmark it and keep it in mind whenever I decide to utilize the better version for monetization.

      Voted up and out!

    • seotechnology profile image

      seotechnology 5 years ago from India

      Nice hub. Widgets is a good way but it displays ads only on the side bar. There are certain 3rd party plugins wherein you can place ads anywhere. However, we need to offer a do-follow link to that website.

      I will check out the top 10 list you mentioned here and see how they work.