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30 second illustrated: Install Japanese keyboard and type in Japanese on Windows 7

Updated on February 1, 2013

Step 1 to installing the Japanese Input Options

  • Click your start/windows icon on the task bar.
  • In the "search" box, type "Input" (but don't hit enter - let it give you options)
  • Choose "Control Panel">>"Change Keyboards or Other Input Devices"

Step 2 to start typing in Japanese

  • Once in the menu, there's really only one button.
  • So click "change keyboards."

Your installed services just says "English" right now right?

  • So click "Add..."
  • Choose Japanese and hit the + buttons until you see the options for Japanese.
  • Check the box you like and apply everything. (I like IME)

The language bar will show up on your taskbar.

Click the circled button to proceed to the next screen.
Click the circled button to proceed to the next screen.

That's it.

You're done.

The only complex part after this is if you've never typed in Japanese before. The menus can be a bit confusing.

Basically, once you switch to Japanese, click that "A" and choose "Hiragana." Now you're typing in hiragana with the option to choose kanji.

If you aren't sure of a kanji form for your hiragana, just hit enter instead of space when you type a word. Hitting space guesses kanji, hitting enter keeps hiragana as-is.


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