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Black Friday 3d Ready Plasma TV Deals

Updated on June 15, 2011

Black Friday 3d TV Deals 2010

Black Friday Will be the day to finally make the investment into 3d televisions. After the rise of Avatar 3D and the ensuing blitz of 3D films in the theater, its hard to appreciate many of the titles once they hit home viewing.

My local cable station actually has a 3d channel now! 3d blurays are reasonably priced and it seems as if 3D is getting better each day. Soon we will see 3D remakes of The Lord of the Rings and Star Wars.

3D TVs are a big ticket item and the Black Friday deals are as significant saving.

Black Friday Deals on 3d Tvs through Amazon are so significant, Amazon is unable to publically advertise the price! Be sure to to check it out and add the product to cart to see the limited price breaks.

The deals on 3d tvs also extend to cyber monday for certain models and options will be updated to reflect finds in black friday plasma 3d deals 2010.

Getting a 3D Ready Plasma TV - Why Plasma 3d?

Im a Plasma TV guy, if the new wave of LED's had been out when I purchased my Plasma, I would probably be an LED guy instead. So when the first waves of 3D ready televisions came out, I had been anticipating the release of the 3D ready Plasma TV by Samsung and was in a hurry to see one for myself.

I appreciate the true blacks and sharper contrast the Plasma originally provided, although I am unsure whether my eye can even tell the difference as LCD technology as advanced.

A few months back, the local big box stores started displaying the new Samsung 3D ready plasma television and I had to see it for myself with glasses on.

So obviously I was blown away, hence my search for the price and best model of 3d Ready Plasma began.

If your in a rush my current top contender is the

Samsung PN50C8000 50-Inch 1080p 3D Plasma

Options on a 3D Ready Plasma

Although this isnt specific to the 3D Ready Plasma by Samsung one of the coolest features of the Samsung TV line is the Web Connected Samsung Apps options. The TV can be directly connected to the internet via a wired or wireless connection and one can easily access netflix, youtube and blockbuster for on demand programming.

The web apps also include social networking options like facebook and twitter. Again this feature is available on most new Samsung TVs, but I have played with them and think its really a convenient feature.

Since you most likely will want to connect a PC to your 3d plasma the option may seem redundant, but its quite a convenience for others in your household who may not be so tech savvy.

This internet connection also allows for firmware updates and additional apps as they come out - making this a great option for a tv that will last as technology changes.

The more important features for a 3d Plasma Television:

600hz - Ever try to read text on your plasma? Perhaps the TV Guide channel or news ticker? Or in my case when using the Plasma as a monitor? the text is a bit less crisp than a true monitor or LCD screen. The new Samsung has corrected this issue - clear text and sharp contrast in the details.

If your savvy to TV and 3D technology , you will be aware that most after market 3D glasses and games will require that the screen have a refresh rate of at least 120hz - the plasma does not have a 600hz rate on the same metric as the lcd/led do, but in fact flash 60 fps 10 times which equals 600, the important part - this TV is 100% compatible with existing and most likely future 3D technology

True 1080 P HD - twice the resolution of similarly priced models.

Energy Star - Plasma runs hot and can be an energy hog - the Samsung models exceeds current energystar guidelines.

Super Slim - The 3d Ready Plasma line is super slim and weighs in at around 70lbs

Plasma 3D Television are not much more expensive than their LCD equivalents

Above you will see a sampling of 3D LCD Televisions in a similar quality and price point, you will see that going with a plasma is not much of a financial difference.

Simple demo of the Samsung 3d Ready Plasma

Must have accessories with your 3d Television

First off if you want to take advantage of any HD tv you better be using the appropriate cabling.

With the new 3d Tv options come a new level of HDMi Compliance - You will require a HDMI 1.4 cable in order to fully take advantage of the abilities of your TV

Seeing your TV in 3D requires after market products such as nVidias 3D vision kit, Samsung also has its own 3D Shutter glasses kit.

With a $2000 Tv one should consider additional warranty and insurance options for electronics


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