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4 Reasons We Think Make Bubblews A Shady Site

Updated on January 3, 2015

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We have had nothing but good things to say about Bubblews in the past and we are so close to just bluntly coming out and calling Bubblews a shady/dodgy site. We will give you a few reasons why we are starting to think not so highly of Bubblews, at least as of lately.

1. They Talk As If They Set Ad Rates

If you have read some of the posts on Bubblews, from staff there, they make it out as if they set the ad rates, even though the only ads that are on that site (at the time of this article being published) are Google Ads. Google sets the ad rates, not Bubblews. So this kind of looks weird when they make it out as if they (Bubblews) are the ones who determine the ad rates. The only thing they are determining (in our opinion) is how much of their ad revenue they are splitting with its members. Before they claimed it was 50/50, but we have a hard time believing that.

2. You Can't See Your Views

You can't see your views on Bubblews. We believe this is done so you can't see how many views you have gotten and match it up to figure out approximately how much you should have made. A lot of ad serving platforms pay around $1-$4 (give or take) per thousand impressions that come from different countries. It doesn't matter what Bubblews's reasoning is for not allowing members to see views, it is just dodgy, regardless of how they spin it.

3. You Won't Get Paid For Redeems Made Before November 11, 2014

If you made redeems before November 11, then you won't get paid for them. How dodgy is that! They are blaming it on fraud and that might be some of the truth, but come on now, if there were 3,000 people who were owned an average of $100, on the same day, then that means Bubblews would have to payout $300,000. Chances are Bubblews didn't have that kind of money to payout to its members. But that is just our opinion.

And to top things off, they decided to make the announcement on December 31, 2014. Yes, they waited until New Year's Eve to release it, and the post didn't allow members to comment. But to be fair, the CEO did release a post and allowed members to comment on it. The post stated the reasons why they made the announcement.

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4. Post Visibility Appears To Be Rigged

You can have hundreds or even thousands of followers on your Bubblews profile, but somehow you might only get a handful of likes on each of your post. Even if your posts gets on the homepage for a few minutes or so. In other words, it appears that post visibility may be rigged, as notifications don't really seem to be working properly, but we could be wrong when it comes to that, but that is our personal opinion.

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Don't Take It The Wrong Way

Don't take all of the above in the wrong way because we still like to think of Bubblews as a legit site that pays its members, and a good place to write at when you want to write blog-style posts. And we still think Bubblews has some potential, a lot actually, to become one of the best social media blogging platforms to write for, but as of lately Bubblews is just looking shadier and shadier in our eyes.

We still recommend writing for Bubblews, but we are very close to not recommending it at all. Also, we don't highly recommend it anymore, due to the reasons stated above, so use Bubblews at your own risk.


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