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Nokia phone with 41MP camera-Pureview 808 priced Rs.35ooo

Updated on May 13, 2012
Nokia Pureview 808
Nokia Pureview 808

Nokia has come up with 41MP camera phone which is expected in market by coming May. It is a stunning technological masterpiece. While most of the other companies are still in the range of 10MP, it is a considerable advancement from Nokia.41MP photos does not come in single shot as in normal camera. While you shoot the picture, camera will automatically take the picture as 7 separate pictures of 5MP resolution and will join them to produce the complete image. Read through the overall review of the phone.

Nokia Pureview 808 (Price $650 Rs:35000)

This phone got attention of people as a camera phone. It possess a small digital camera (big compared to other phones) embedded in it. 41MP camera is more than you can imagine from a phone, as even in digital cameras you can see this rarely only. But is the benefit of large sensor is reflecting in images?. Read more about the phones camera in the camera section.

Operating system( Symbian Belle)

It is running on the version of Symbian Operating system called Belle. This is one last attempt of Nokia to give life to its old mobile operating system Symbian. It released recently two versions of Symbian, called Anna and Belle. Symbian Anna was not at all up to the demands of a smart phone. Apps available for the platform was really less. So even phones released with this OS is now given with updates to Symbian belle. But even Symbian belle is not that good. You can say it is an attempt mimic Android. While checking the user interface itself, you can see most of the features are copied from Android. For example the notification panel in Android, is there is Symbian belle also with almost same options. The main advantage of Belle is that it is able to run in less superior configuration and consumes less battery.

Processor (1.3GHz single core processor)

It is a 1.3 GHz single core processor phone. This possess enough processing power to handle the additional load, that comes through the processing of large images. For regular activities this processor power is more than enough. As there is no much graphic intensive games for Symbian belle, single core processor is enough. But if it was an Android phone, having a dual core processor would offer more multitasking capabilities. But Symbian belle is designed to run in small processor configuration also. So This processing power is enough.


512MB RAM is good and can be considered as high end as per current smartphone level. As Symbian is an operating system using less RAM, this RAM is more than enough. It comes with an internal storage of 16GB an an expandable memory card slot of up to 32GB. This additionally large data storage capacity will help you to store heavy sized photos in the phone itself. Surely 41MP photos will be of 5 to 10MB in size. If you are purchasing a memory card, go for a high speed class memory card, as it will help you save pictures fast.

Camera (41MP Auto focus, Xenon flash, 1080p HD video capture)

Camera in this phone is stunning which you can find in none of phones available currently. The only phone that comes in the comparison range is iPhone 4S camera. which is 8MP camera, but capable of capturing 1080p HD video. For cameras, more than the MP capacity of the sensor, the internal image processing circuitry is important. That is why, iPhone cameras are only 5 or 8MP and still offers excellent pictures, comparable to point and shoot digital cameras. But still 41MP is far beyond this range of comparison. It is something extra ordinary.

The lens in the phone is the largest available in any of current smartphones. This Carl Zeiss lens is of size 1/1.2 inch and resolution 41MP. It also offers 3x lossless digital zoom. But the default setting of the camera is 5MP. If you are taking 41MP photo using the phone many small units will be combined to produce an image. Lossless zoom in the phone is available in reduced MP shooting only. This pictures will not loss clarity even if it is zoomed.

Screen (AMOLED Capacitive touch screen)

It comes with 4inch screen of resolution 640x360 (184ppi). It is AMOLED capacitive touch screen, with good touch response. Display also offers clearback technology. As the phone is able to capture 1080p HD video at 30 frames per second. But still you cannot enjoy these videos at its full clarity as the phone does not support that resolution in the screen. Also HDMI port offers playback of these videos in LED TV, laptop etc with ability to play full HD playback.

Battery(1400mAh Lithium Battery)

This battery is enough for day to day activities in the phone. Also considering that Symbian bele is not consuming very large battery power compared to Android devices, this battery can give you long time backup. But the extra powerful camera will surely drain battery soon. If you are shooting video at 1080p full HD continuously, surely battery backup will come down soon. We still have to wait to see the effect of this extra ordinary camera on battery life as the phone is yet to release.


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    • carman58 profile image

      carman58 5 years ago from Leeds, Uk

      The 808 CAN NOT take a 41 megapixel photo, the maximum possible in creative mode is 38 meg in 4:3 and 34 meg in 16:9 the sensor is round and so you just use a section of it, automatic setting is 5 megapixel PureView, with options for different PureView settings withinin creative setting in the menu, the 2 megapixel purview setting giving you the maximum 'zoom' of 12X. Nice article BTW :)

    • vinner profile image

      vinner 5 years ago from India

      @TinPen : Even though the maximum picture resolution is 41MP, nokia is advising users to use 5MP settings while common use. The picture size is also an issue. At 41MP setting picture size will come around 56MB. Which is really high and will not allow much pics in your memory. But use the maximum 41MP setting when required only, for normal uses, use reduced picture settings

    • profile image

      TinPen 5 years ago

      My question about this phone is...can 16GB + 32GB (external) handle a load of full 41MP (7152 x 5368 pixels) images and videos? For example, if I am a user of this phone, I wouldn't just take 2 or 3 shots (in full px)...I would definitely like to take more without frequently transferring my photos to another storage...

    • vinner profile image

      vinner 5 years ago from India

      @Jisna : yes friend, you are correct, this is an example of marvel that technology can bring in everybody`s life

    • profile image

      Jisna joseph 5 years ago

      Wow. Adorable phone.