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5 Cool Features of a Laser Keyboard

Updated on November 15, 2010

What is a Laser Keyboard? You Might be Surprised!

What is a laser keyboard? If you guessed that there is something virtual involved – you are correct. They are portable but about the only thing a laser keyboard has in common with other portable keyboards is that that they are portable.

Portable keyboards look much like ordinary keyboards that we all know and use except that some fold in the middle and others roll up from end to end. In the beginning portable keyboards were used with personal electronic organizers and with Palm or Windows Mobile cell phones. Bluetooth technology continually makes it possible to use portable keyboards wirelessly with a multitude of portable electronics.



1.       Components - Laser keyboards project the detailed shape of a keyboard onto a surface – most any surface will do.  A few rules do apply however, the surface has to be flat, it cannot be shiny and it cannot be clear enough to see through.  


A laser keyboard has to have a light source because without it you could not see the virtual keyboard. The light source typically used is a Red laser diode. I assume that most of you are like me and are asking “what is a Red laser Diode”? It would be pretty much impossible for me to explain it. I do know however that the light source used in barcode readers and laser pointers is the same Red laser diode.


2.       Data Input - The virtual keys are in QWERTY order and your finger movements are tracked by the laser as you tap on the virtual keys or move the virtual mouse. Amazingly you will even hear the click sound you hear when typing on a regular keyboard unless you would rather turn the sound off.


3.       Easy to use - Fatigue is reduced because the virtual keys do not require the effort necessary to push keys downward. In fact, no pressure is necessary.


Once the software is set up for your device it is simple to use. Find the right surface, turn on your device, turn on the virtual keyboard and start typing.


4.       Customizable - Multiple International languages are typically supported – such as English, Spanish and French.  Typing on a laser keyboard is so like on a regular keyboard that some people can achieve speeds of around 50 words per minute. It is possible that a non-typist may resort to the two finger pecking mode – but hey, it works.  


5.       The Cool Factor – Remember that most people have never seen anything as cool as a virtual keyboard. They have no idea what it is, where you got it or how you use it. If you like to attract strangers this is a great device to use in public.

Use the Laser Keyboard on an Opaque, Flat Surface with no Shine

A virtual keyboard can be a picky gadget but as long as you have a flat, non-glossy and opaque (cannot be seen through) surface it should work as advertised. Bluetooth and USB are found on most gadgets so a virtual keyboard can be used with most gadgets. Before buying a laser keyboard verify that your device is supported by its software.


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    • Eileen Hughes profile image

      Eileen Hughes 7 years ago from Northam Western Australia

      That looks real cool I had not seen or even heard of these. It would reduce the amount of cleaning too. That is if we eat at our computer and drop all the crumbs into the keyboard.Thanks for sharing this