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5 Most Common Issues with Windows 7

Updated on January 31, 2012

Windows 7 is a fantastic machine that has been carefully designed by Microsoft. But as with any version of windows it is going to have its common problems. There is a multitude of different functionalities available in windows7 do just about anything you want. Its finding and utilizing those features that will help you get the most out of your windows 7 installation.

1. Windows 7 Slowness

Windows 7 has many unique features that make it much faster than the previous version of windows. Yet, it still can be extremely resource hungry while running certain applications. The main resource windows use is strictly for the friendly graphical interface. These visual effects can reduce the performance greatly. But, there are small visual changes that you can do to help speed up your windows system and not lose the friendly graphical interface that you are use to using.

Go to >

Start and type “performance” in the search field.

Select > ‘Adjust the appearance and performance of Windowsfrom the results.

The > Performance Options window will open.

Under > Visual Effects select

> Adjust for best performance.

This will bring up windows 7 at the fastest available performance, the drawback is you will lose the friendly graphical interface. If, the elegant blue interface is something that you want then I suggest using the custom option.

Uncheck the most resource intensive features this will still make windows 7 look “pretty without using all the resources available.

a. Sliding window panes

b. Fading windows

c. Shadows under boxes

2. Windows Aero Not Working

If you have already adjusted for the visual, affects above windows Aero will turn off. So that would be the reason it is not working. The Aero program goes back to the pretty effect of windows 7. It is a graphical interface that allows the windows to look clear or see through which is a subtle effect but is resource intensive. If, you did not to the above, and it is still not working here are some troubleshooting steps you can do to help you identify why aero is not working.

The biggest thing about aero working properly is you want to make sure it is even supported on your graphics card.

So, if you know your graphics card is supporting then obtain the latest drivers from the manufacture

A lot of times the aero program, is disabled in the registry. You can enable it in the registry by following the next instructions

Go to > Start and type > ‘regedit‘ into the

> search option.

Location in the registry is as follows.

KEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\DWM. The value of the entry > ‘EnableAeroPeek‘ should be set to 1, rather than 0.

If, you are not comfortable with your registry then do not do it. As always back up your current configuration before making any changes.

3. Older Programs Not Compatible

The biggest issue with windows 7 that most people seem to be running into is that the program is not as compatible with older programs. This has caused a lot of issues with business and individuals in the upgrade arena until there is compatible software that is much easier obtainable.

Microsoft helped in this are to help you determine what is compatible with windows 7 and what is not by creating an upgrade/compatibility assistant to run on your computer. This program will go through and check most programs. The programs that the upgrade assistant does not recognize are also listed on there. Those programs may need to be check at the manufactures website for any compatibility issues.

If you are like most people who are just too excited to check there compatibility do not fear all is not lost. Windows 7 has a impressive feature to help in this situation.

Windows 7 compatibility mode:

This is essentially a virtual PC build into windows 7 that will run older versions of software in a native mode they are compatible with. You can install it by following the below instructions since it is not auto installed by default

To install a program in Compatibility Mode, right-click its > installation file and select

> Properties.

In its > Properties windows switch to the >

>Compatibility tab, check

> ‘Run this program in compatibility mode for:‘ and from the >

Pull-down menu choose the latest version of Windows of which you know that the program was running on.

If the native compatibility, mode does not run Microsoft also provides virtual PC where you can install a native windows XP on your computer to run alongside windows 7. This is call windows XP mode.

4. DVD Drives Not Found

One of the more common, issues with windows 7 that seems to crop up more is in regards to your optical device. This is an issue that for some reason has not been directly addressed with Microsoft as of yet. But, can be easily resolved with a small registry edit.

>Click > Start, search for > ‘regedit‘and launch it from the

> results. Navigate to


In the > right-hand panel delete

> ‘UpperFilters‘ and

> ‘LowerFilters‘,

Restart Windows and see if the problem was resolved.

5. New Themes Change Custom Icons

One of the more frustrating end user issues is in regards to the disappearance of their custom icons. When windows upgrades from a previous version of windows it sometimes replaces customer icons that are part of an overall theme.

It is quite easy to resolve this particular issue by following the next steps

Right-click > desktop, select > Personalize,

>in the control panel, windows that open switch to

> Change Desktop Icons,

>and in the >

Desktop Icon Settings window uncheck

> ‘Allow themes to change desktop icons‘.

There are more common problems with windows 7, but these are the top 5 questions I get on a daily basis. So, take a look it just might solve your problem quickly and easily.


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