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5 Reasons to Buy Portable Speakers

Updated on November 2, 2010


The tiny portable speakers are unique little gadgets that solve at least five problems that many of us have on a daily basis. If you have a cell phone or music player that accepts a 3.5-mm jack which typically includes most any MP3 player, most iPods, the iPhone 3Gs listening to music without headphones is now easy and compact.


1.    Sharing music is difficult when no sound can be heard by anyone other than the one listening through a pair of headphones. You have discovered a fantastic new song from your favorite group and you want to play it for friends – but who wants to share their headphones with other people? Besides, the whole idea is to share the experience as much as the music.

2.    What if you depend on your Bluetooth headset paired to you iPhone to provide hands free calling? A great way to enjoy a lazy afternoon is to sit out on the back deck catching up on a little work on your laptop. Maybe you would rather leave your cell phone indoors and you can with the use of Bluetooth. One problem however, you only have two ears and one is already occupied. So how can you listen to your iPod, iPhone or MP3 player?

3.    Space is an issue for most of us. Our homes are busting at the seams already so why would you buy something else to add to the problem. The cost of travel is increasing exponentially when most airlines are charging for every bag you take with you. The bags we carry whether it is a purse, briefcase or tote continues to get larger. Laptops, digital cameras, cell phones, music players and accessories for all of them have the handles and your shoulders straining as it is.

4.    Portable electronics should be portable. Having the need for an electrical outlet to charge your gadgets is not exactly the picture of portability. Sometimes being able to use a simple battery is priceless.

5.    Price is always an important feature to consider before buying any gadget. The want versus need reality balancing act has to be factored into the outlay of cash.


Tiny portable speakers come in a variety of shapes. Most are inexpensive, very compact and give you good sound. Understand that with such a tiny speaker you may not be able to crank up your music full blast but you will be able to get good sound at a slightly lower volume.

Alteck Lansing
Alteck Lansing

· Alteck Lansing Ultra Portable Speaker is round. The connector cable is permanently attached and wraps around the speaker for compact and protected storage. It is designed for 360 degree listening.

· iLuv ISP Mini Portable Speaker offers 7.2 watt stereo power. The internal speakers are designed to produce all around listening and produces bass sound better than most other tiny portable speakers.

· Sony Compact and Slim Travel Speakers require no other power source other than the host player such as your cell phone, MP3 player or portable CD player. The speakers have a cover that doubles as a stand.

· Logitech mm28 Portable Speakers only 1.24 inches thick and uses NXT flat-panel technology to produce good sound from a small package. The speaker is the size of the front of the speaker and produces good bass sound. Comes with an International power adapter.


iLuv ISP Mini Portable Speaker
iLuv ISP Mini Portable Speaker

What power source do you prefer in a portable speaker?

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These tiny portable speakers are great to take with you across the world or across the room. They are compact, lightweight and give you the opportunity to listen to your music without having earbuds or headphones. They can be used with any electronic gadget that has a 3.5-mm jack such as MP3 players, iPhone 3Gs, most iPods, portable CD or DVD players and laptops.

Any gadget that is portable has to have power. Please take the time to check out the poll to the right and let me know what you prefer.



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