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5 Reasons why it is important to have a Digital Marketing Strategy

Updated on July 28, 2017
Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing

A digital marketing strategy is an absolute must for a company that is trying to market itself online. It is because every business wants to gain presence and generate business from the areas where customers are present. And what can be a better mode than the internet?

Certainly, the question which was asked as to why digital marketing is important has been completely eclipsed by how to develop an effective strategy. As per the recent reports, it has been found that most companies today run active digital marketing programs but without a defined strategy!

Many companies are of the opinion that they already have enough strategies and plans and that writing down the strategies will create integration and ownership problems. And most do not have the time or resources to create one.

Here are a few reasons that you should have documented digital marketing strategies:

A written strategy offers your marketing efforts a direction and focus: Businesses which do not prefer to write down the approach that may have a general sense of what they want to do online and what tactics they bring to use most likely miss out on essential elements. For instance, there may be companies that want to gain more visits to their websites, but they are unaware how many? They are interested to gain an audience but if asked what is the percentage they are likely not to have the numbers. If you do not have specific goals, it will be difficult to analyze where your digital marketing efforts are heading to, creating a written strategy will help your company to tackle with critical questions as well have an online value proposition.

Having a strategy ensures, everyone is on the same page: It is difficult to analyze that your company has the right support for the digital activity. But this task is easier if you have written documentation that speaks to your business goals and how you are going to achieve them. It also allows you to find out if a particular strategy is working for you or it needs to be modified. Not only this, having a digital strategy makes sure you have a vision and method for achieving your objectives that everyone has to abide by.

Without a strategy, a digital marketing strategy that is written your manager is likely to have his priorities and aims with regards to online activity.

Better resources: If you have written digital marketing strategy, it will be easier for you to find out what budget you need for your digital marketing plans to succeed.

Limit duplication: Even if a company has resources but right strategies are not used, they may be missed. It usually happens in established companies where they keep on investing in numerous tools and agencies for performing marketing tasks.

Having a written strategy will help you stay ahead: Every company that owns a website will have its analytics, but most managers or their teams do not have time to review them. A good strategy will help businesses to benchmark their activities and set out what goals are to be accomplished. Hence, regular interviews will be made if there are a strategy and document to review the progress.


Writing a strategy does not have to be complicated. You can just start with one or two pages which describe your goals as well as key performance areas.


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