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5 Specific Actions That Organize a Busy Life

Updated on November 29, 2018
Debbie Cook profile image

Debbie partners with her husband in a labor intensive small business. Customer needs often overshadow her own. This is how she copes daily.

I live both in the Apple world and the PC world. I depend on my Apple devices to easily sync my daily schedule reminders to my iPhone, iPad and MacBook.
I live both in the Apple world and the PC world. I depend on my Apple devices to easily sync my daily schedule reminders to my iPhone, iPad and MacBook. | Source

Action #1 - Simplify Your Wardrobe

Simplifying your wardrobe encourages quick decisions about what you wear. Simplifying does not mean to discarding. I only suggest that you evaluate each piece according to its worth to your overall look. Remember however, that at first glance an individual piece may seem totally unacceptable, then a second glance changes your mind.

Regardless of the day or circumstance, we all have to get dressed and live with our choices for hours on end. Have you accidently wore one blue sock and one black sock? Have a few extra pounds altered how your buttons and zippers hold everything together? Do you have the proper attire for an important meeting or for the dress down Fridays observed in your workplace?

Sort your wardrobe in stages, starting with your favorite pieces. We all have outfits that we wear over and over. Maybe they fit the best or maybe we just prefer the color. Check the pieces kept for stains, missing buttons, holes, loose hems excetra. Remove them from the mix for further consideration and upkeep.

List any items needed to complete and entire look. Need a new top for those favorite pants, shoes or boots of the right color and height? Do you have the proper undergarments that may make or break the overall look?

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, take a photo of each piece. If you have the luxury of a friend or family member to help, have them take photos of you wearing the pieces. You may find that you like the piece better than it likes you. Save photos of the keepers and delete those of the discarded. Never shop without your list and these pictures!

I prefer photos on a tablet because of greater detail. If you do not have a tablet a cell phone photo will work as well. Never go shopping without your photos!

Action #2 - Prepare Ahead For the Day

We are constantly surprised and burdened by unexpected events. Regardless of the event, regardless of who is involved - there are many that we can plan for in advance. This particular issue is a huge part of my life.

Continual contact with our schedule is important because for example, combining errands will save time for something else later on.

I get up very early in the morning so I actually get dressed for the day in virtual darkness and silence. There are no options - I must have my clothes and items ready before going to bed. I carry a bag for my supplies and needed tech tools on a daily basis. Sometimes I tuck in a smaller bag to organize my mail, bills and small errands I need to take care of.

My most important tools is my cellphone, my tablet, my various bags, and a few incidentals such as envelopes, stamps and an ink pen. Although I prefer to use my tech tools to take care of necessities, there are always those times that only the most low tech tools are needed.

I use my tech tools to track events - because I can schedule audio and visual reminders. Previously, I used a three ring binder type calendar for all of my scheduling needs. However, if I got really busy I forgot to check my schedule until it was too late. Sometimes rescheduling worked, but some events could not be rescheduled. Missing a Post Office's mail deadline could cost late fees and serious issues with credit ratings.

What if you are planning a trip? Are you going to wait until the last minute to remember all that you need to pack? I did that once and it did not turn out well.

I packed many non-essential items - I forgot to pack my business cards. While attending CES - the International Consumer Electronics Show - my business cards were essential. I realized what I had done, quickly grabbed my cell phone and located a local printer that performed a miracle. After working out design ideas over the internet, the following morning I had some great looking business cards waiting for me at my hotel business office. It was expensive and I experienced substantial stress.

Now I drop trip items into a basket as soon as I think of them and my list is attached to the outside.

Action #3 - Scheduling For Unexpected Events

I can hear it now. How in the world do you schedule for something you do not even know will happen.

Well, unless you have alternative ways to accomplish tasks you may be out of luck. I can say this with confidence because I can relate to the Farmer's Insurance Advertisement, "I know a thing or two because I have seen a thing or two".

Being prepared can deter a disaster whether it is a sick child, an unplanned meeting, an unexpected house guest, a missing ingredient for your last minute recipe, a flat tire or being delayed in an airport.

Provide your child's school or day care provider with your approved list of people that may pick up your child.Prepare a plan of action with your list of approved caregivers about their ability to act in your absence.

Unexpected house guests need a place to sleep. An air bed or two can be most important. They take up little space and come in a variety of prices and sizes.

Some recipe ingredients can be substituted. In a pinch and before you rush to the store, ask your digital assistant, such as siri, google, alexa or Cortana for the substitutions. You are likely to have them on hand.

I have a membership with AAA in case of a vehicle issue. I also keep a small handheld air compressor in the trunk incase I have a flat tire. I also travel with a small device that will jump start my car, charge my cell phone, charge my laptop and has a flashlight all in one .

Airline delays are irritating. Information and entertainment becomes high on the "need" list. Flight delays and subsequent information are sent to your cell phone through the airline app. Previously downloaded movies or TV shows downloaded onto your cell phone or tablet - keep you entertained.

Alert anyone waiting for you to track your flight through an app on their cell phone such as "FlightAware".

Action #4 - Prepare for Being Away

Being away from home can be a nervous time whether far away or on a short commute. What is happening at home, was a box delivered, did the toilet handle stick again, did the garage door stay down and did I lock the front door?

In the past, we learned of bad news when we returned home. However, now we can be aware of happenings in real time. Indoor and outdoor cameras act as our eyes and smart-home devices are controlled by cell phone apps.

We need others to feed pets, babysit children or clean our house while we are gone. Door locks operated by an app on your cell phone could be the answer, or just making a door key available to a close friend or family member works as well.

My doorbell alerts me when anyone is at my home.nA video is recorded and I can speak to the visitor. If there is a problem, a video stored in the cloud can be emailed to authorities.

There are devices controlled by your cell phone that make it possible to see, speak to and even toss treats to your indoor pets while you are away from home. Motion activated cameras allow you to monitor your outdoor pet.

Action #5 - List Your Possible Issues and Solutions

I hope that this article will be a reminder to other busy people that just a little planning can prevent a lot of stress. Technology plays a huge role in a comprehensive plan - cell phone, tablet and cameras. Knowledge is power and whether you catch a thief or a water leak your life will be better for it.

Begin your list today by adding your ideas to mine.

If you have ideas on how to make a busy life more efficient and easier to deal with please let me know about it!


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