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5 iPhone Apps I Use Daily - iPhone 3gs Apps

Updated on March 8, 2011
iPhone 3gs
iPhone 3gs

Everyday when I wake up I find myself using 5 apps on my iPhone within a matter of minutes. I consider these my wake up apps.

These apps have become a regular routine in my daily morning schedule. The rest of the day I use many more apps regularly. Here I will discuss 5 iPhone apps I use daily in the morning:

Alarm App

The Alarm app is just what it sounds like, a wake up alarm. It can be set to wake up with different tones, chimes or ringtones. It has a snooze on/off toggle.

Some other features include setting up what days to repeat the alarm adding different alarm times with toggle on/off. Generally I always have at least 5 different alarm times stored in with the day associated with the time making resetting the alarm times very easy.

This app also has a world clock, stop watch and timer.

Weather Channel App

The Weather Channel app is a must for me everyday. When I wake up I want to know what the temperature and current condition outside is.

This can give me conditions current, hourly, 36 hour or 10 day forecasts. I also can look at the live radar to see what cloud conditions are at the location i'm in.

Also this app gives me any severe weather reports that are helpful during snow season. I can also see the weather of anyplace in the world just by adding in the city or zip code in the toolbar. Weather for me is important because I ride my bike daily as a means of transportation.


The CNBC app is a real-time app that gives me the fastest way to see what the markets are doing across the globe.

Keeping one eye on what the world economy is doing is important for watching any investments that I may have. Real-time news alerts and up to date market news is available.

Stock search is a key during the day to track what any favorite stock is doing and also has charts from past performances. I have found this to be one of the best free stock market apps yet.

YouTube App

YouTube is another must have app for the morning wake up. Everyday my friends upload new fun and exciting videos so its a great way to start my day out seeing what friends are up to.

I have subscriptions to my favorite You-Tubers and I like to stay up to date on what new videos they have added to their channels.Plus I am always searching for new videos or music videos to jump start my day with a positive jolt.

App Store App

The App Store app keeps me supplied in the latest apps. Everyday there are new apps being added to the app store.

So being on top of whats new and whats hot is an important part of my day.

The use of my iPhone for things like social networking, news, financial goals, games, music, cameras, photo cropping, sports updates, and more is a perfect way to spend my spare time playing, learning, & researching.


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