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Free SleepMaker Apps for iPhone-Mobile Phone Applications

Updated on May 7, 2011

What are the free SleepMaker apps for iPhone-mobile phone applications? SleepMaker apps for the iPhone are a series of relaxation sound apps that some say are therapeutic, soothing and a wonderful aid used to help fall asleep with.

Currently there are free versions of all the apps except for SleepMaker Wildlife. There is also a Pro version of all the relaxation apps. The Pro versions are for sale according to the website. Free SleepMaker apps can be found in the iTunes app store.

Each app has a timer which can be set to run from 01 minute to 24 hours in length and then it will shut off.

Updates are alerted through the app store as the versions change. Theses apps are explained some more in detail below.

SleepMaker Storms
SleepMaker Storms

SleepMaker Storms

The SleepMaker Storms (free) app  has a nice collection including gentle long rolls with lite rain, medium rain with thunder claps, medium thunder with heavy splatter, heavy constant storm, and heavy rolls with heavy downpour. One of my personal favorites of the SleepMaker apps. 

SleepMaker Waves
SleepMaker Waves

SleepMaker Waves

SleepMaker Waves (free) comes with gentle waves into rockpools, medium waves onto shore, heavy surf crashing into shore, heavy big surf and waves and underwater ocean scuba bubbles. Another great collection for the wave enthusiast.

SleepMaker Rain
SleepMaker Rain

SleepMaker Rain

SleepMaker Rain (free) has a soothing collection including gentle onto forest foliage, medium and steady with puddles medium rain against windows, medium rain onto car roof and heavy torrential downpour. This is another one of my favorites to sleep on a rainy night.

SleepMaker Streams
SleepMaker Streams

SleepMaker Streams

The SleepMaker Streams (free) app has a gentle stream in underground cave, gentle mouth of brookmediuum fast flowing stream, medium babbling brook and heavy bottom of waterfall. A nice collection real stream sounds.

SleepMaker Wildlife

SleepMaker Wildlife is presently does not a free version of the app and will not be reviewed in this artricle.


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    • WoodsmensPost profile image

      WoodsmensPost 7 years ago from Arizona

      Yes and really nice if you feel like setting the mood to a cool rainy night, they can be very soothing sounds. Thanks for commenting Alison. Sorry it took so long to respond I must have over looked it.

    • Alison Graham profile image

      Alison Graham 7 years ago from UK

      These sound like a great idea. My daughter (who does not have an iphone) bought a machine that plays soothing sleep sounds and she has found this invaluable for getting off to sleep - it really does work - so if you have an iphone these apps could really help.