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7 Secrets of Effective PPC (Pay-Per-Click)

Updated on October 1, 2013

If you are smart about how to proceed, the PPC (Pay-Per-click) is a smart inbound marketing strategy.

People often make serious mistakes while doing PPC even if they are somehow trained. So if you want to be successful while using PPC as part of your inbound marketing strategy, you should keep the following 7 things in mind.

Following are 7 things that you should know before you go for the PPC.

1) The Keywords - The Most Essential Part

The keyword analysis is the main role player in your strategy. You cannot skip this. To find the relevant keywords related to your business, use some keyword analysis tool such as WordTracker. Keyword tools will help to find you the most relevant and appropriate keywords. Long tail keywords work best for the small and medium size businesses.

2) Choose your PPC Platform

Choose only one PPC platform at the beginning so you can work dedicatedly on it or you will lose money. Choose Google first and learn it. Once you start getting conversions, you can choose one more platform such as facebook or pinterest.

3) Landing Page Design

Once you have your keywords, it is time to design a landing page based on these keywords. A bad landing page, or simply the home page of your website if used as a landing page can ruin the work that the keywords have done for you. The best practice is to design a separate landing page for each ad that you write for your PPC campaign. Make sure you talk about the same thing or offer on the landing page that you are writing in the ads.

4) Test and Organize

You can create multiple ads per landing page or vice versa. Organize your ads and related landing pages and use different combination at different times to see what combination works best for you. You can then stick with the most converting combination.

5) Implementation

For a successful PPC campaign, you should know what is your target audience, what time they are in front of a computer or a wireless device, what time your target audience use social media sites?

So the basic two question that you should know the answer of are.

1) What is the best time to run the ad?

2) What city/country/territory your ads should display in?

PPC platforms has tools where you can set these parameters.

6) Keep your Landing Pages Fresh

Don’t make your audience bore with the same landing page looks. Keep updating your lading page regularly so people don’t get bored. You can simply change the main big photo of your landing page to give your audience a fresh look.

7) Return of Investment

Focus on you ROI. You can track your ROI by viewing reports at your PPC platform. Fine tune your ads and landing pages against the performance.

PPC is not something that can run on an autopilot or at least it will not be returning the investment. So be prepare for the regular work that you will be doing for your PPC campaign. Spare some time everyday (at least an hour) so you can get your RIO.


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