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7 Sites for UFO Research

Updated on October 21, 2011

UFO Research

UFO Research is a field that has exploded since the introduction of the internet. With the ability to rapidly share pictures, videos, and network with others we are able to better understand the UFO phenomenon and increase quality UFO research. Interest in UFO’s has increased with the prophecies regarding major changes to come in the year 2012 and with popular shows such as History Channels’ Ancient Aliens and UFO Hunters. Believers in UFOs and those who are skeptical need to be able to find good sources of UFO research to better understand their point of view and the why UFOs have found their way in to mainstream culture. Below are links to UFO Research sites on the net.

Night Sky
Night Sky

7 UFO Research Sites

Mufon The Mutual UFO Network has its beginnings as a UFO research organization in the Midwestern United States. Mufon was formed to increase cooperation between groups who investigate UFO phenomena. Mufon has grown to be one of the largest and most respected leaders in UFO research. Individuals can be train in investigation procedures and tactics to investigate UFO sighting in their area and produce high quality UFO research.

Center for UFO Studies This is an international organization of academics who conduct UFO research. The center for UFO Studies offers a guide to those who wish to become ufologists. They also maintain a data base of UFO sightings from people on the ground as well as a place for pilots to report sightings.

HBCCUFO This organization maintains a data base of UFO sightings for the purpose of conducting UFO Research. People can submit a report of a UFO sighting to HBCCUFO. As a report has been made, their experts will investigate the report. HBCCUFO provides this UFO research as a tool for policy makers and the public.

UFO info Summary This site contains many pictures and videos of notable UFO sightings.They also provide resources to guide you in your quest for UFO research.

The Telegraph This site in an online newspaper. The link is a photo journey covering 140 years of UFO sightings. This is a great site for UFO research.

Coast to Coast AM A popular late night radio show that covers a wide array of paranormal topics. This site contains links to many articles about UFO research and other paranormal activities. They also have user submitted photo stream and links to mainstream articles for your UFO research.

UFO Casebook This is a well organized site dedicated to UFO research.UFO Casebook provides articles about current UFO sightings as well as historical information on famous sightings.They provide research into many controversial areas such as Project Blue Book, Area 51, and NASA Facts.


This is only a small list of the many sites dedicated to UFO research. As the popularity of UFO's continues to rise, more UFO research will be conducted. Many of the above sites contains links to other UFO research sites that they work with Believer or skeptic, the key learning the truth is through quality UFO research.


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