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Common reported UFO shapes

Updated on June 25, 2012

Common Reported UFO Shapes

UFO’s have been reported since the start of time. From passages in the Bible to supermarket tabloids, fuzzy pictures to images on the national news UFO’s are a mysterious part of our culture. Based on many report and pictures UFO’s can be grouped by similar shapes. Below I will talk about the most common shapes of “these out of this world” crafts.

Disk Shaped

The disk shaped flying saucer is the shape most of us are familiar with. They are often described as a plate turned upside down with a flat bottom and a raised top, thus the term “Flying saucer.” Some of these crafts have a flat top of the raised portion of the ship while on others the top portion is completely round. Check out the YouTube video of a disk shaped “UFO” filmed from the space shuttle Atlantis.

Cylinder or Cigar

Cigar shaped UFO are longer than they are wide. The shape resembles a cigar or an airplane without wings. Some of these UFO’s have pointed ends while others have a blunt end like what you would find on a soda can. Often these cylinder shaped ships have been reported to look like a bullet or a very large flying straw.


Triangle shaped UFO’s are often described as equilateral or isosceles triangles. These ships are often reported as having lights on the underside of the ship. Sometimes the lights are in the center of the ship while some are reported as having three lights, one under each corner. These UFO’s are almost always reported as being black or dark grey in color.


The V-shaped UFO is described as a boomerang or an aircraft without a fuselage. UFO’s of this shape have been report as being very large with some estimates of the ship being up to half a mile long. Like triangle shaped UFO these ships are often reported as having lights on the underside as well as being dark in color. V-shaped UFO’s were seen in one of the most famous UFO sightings, the Phoenix Lights sightings in 1997.

The shapes of reported UFO’s vary as much as the people who report seeing one. If you have ever witnessed a UFO, I’d like to hear about it.

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    • athena09 profile image

      athena09 6 years ago from Philippines

      I have yet to see disc shaped UFOs. What I've seen last December 2010 were small flickering random lights, formed like Chistmas lights in the sky. They stayed there for about 10 minutes and disappeared one by one. We thought they were paratroopers at night, but when we saw similar sightings from different countries uploaded on Youtube, that's the time I confirmed they were UFOs. Voted up, useful, and interesting hub.

    • Mousumi Paul profile image

      Mousumi Paul 6 years ago

      Good one...