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7 Weirdest Android Devices of 2011: Volume 4, More Dual Screen, Disney Castle Wallpaper, Porsche, Fashion, and More!

Updated on June 27, 2018


Welcome to another edition of 7 Weirdest Android Devices! The Android world is constantly evolving, and there are more and more devices every day in every shape and form!

This time, we'll discuss some "high fashion" items from some famous name brands, and some new twists (literally) on screens.


TAG Hauer is a premier watch company famous for making some very tough sports analog watches. So why did they started making Android phones? MSRP is... $4700 USD.

For that hefty price tag, you can choose from 3 different kinds of metal covers (titanium, rose gold, or steel), 3 types of cover (alligator, calfskin, or lizard)... and an outdated Android phone with merely 256MB of RAM, (probably sub-1GHz CPU) and 5 MP back camera. (In other words, it's like the ORIGINAL Motorola Droid, albeit guzzied up).

Fortunately this is not the most outrageously expensive Android phone. The king of that category is still Ulysse Nardin Chairman, at $25000 USD.

Find out more about TAG Hauer LINK on PC Magazine

LG Prada K2

While LG's original Prada (or even Prada II) is not Android, its latest version, the Prada K2, is definitely Android, and it will likely be LG's flagship product in Asia to compete with Samsung's Galaxy S II line. It will feature 4.3 inch NOVA LCD screen, dual core CPU, 8 MP back and 1.3 MP front camera, HSPA+21 "4G" connectivity, and VERY very thin.

Should the LG Prada K2 be the new LG "flagship" device? Find out on Phonedog

Disney Mobile Japan DM009SH Android phone, custom live wallpaper featuring Magic Castle
Disney Mobile Japan DM009SH Android phone, custom live wallpaper featuring Magic Castle | Source

Disney Android phone?

Apparently Disney Mobile Japan released a Disney-themed Android phone in Japan (only). Available with 7 different covers, the DM009SH features custom built live wallpaper, widgets, and more.

Unfortunately, no detailed specs are available. The website is in Japanese. The specs page did not go into amount of RAM or CPU speed.

You can follow via Google Translate, but don't say I didn't warn you!

Porsche Design P 9530 design study Android phone
Porsche Design P 9530 design study Android phone | Source

Porsche Design P 9530

The P 9530 is a design prototype by Andre Silva, NOT a real phone. However, Porsche Design have marketed two phones before, and there's little reason they can't build this one.

This one features aluminum uni-body (single piece) and VERY sleek yet industrial tough design. The prototype spec says 3D camera, but I doubt if they build it it'll actually have that. Still, a very interesting design, if a bit on the plain side.

Fujitsu Dual-Screen Android Phone

Kyocera Echo is the first out the gate dual-screen Android phone. Fujitsu is making one as well, but this is a really weird part... It feature two separate screens, but BOTH can be rotated to either portrait or landscape modes. When both are portrait, it resembles a flip phone. When both are landscape, it resembles a small tablet (albeit there's a huge gap where the hinge is). it is the hybrid modes (when one or the other screen is landscape but the other is portrait) that really makes the device... WEIRD.

It is hard to describe, so go to UnWiredView and check out the pix they got.

HTC Status promo shot, from its Facebook page
HTC Status promo shot, from its Facebook page | Source

HTC Status: the Facebook Phone

Do you need a phone dedicated to Facebook updates? Apparently, some people do need such a device. Thus, the HTC Status. Formerly known as the Chacha, and rumored to be developed by Facebook itself (later denied), the phone has a Blackberry / Palm Treo form factor with full keyboard, and a very prominent Facebook button.

Yes, it is an Android phone, running Android 2.3.

Not so good parts: it has a TINY screen, and a relatively slow CPU.

If you need to do mostly Facebook and only occasionally other Android apps, this may not be a bad idea. However, keep in mind it is exclusive to AT&T in the US thus far.

Check out the HTC Status on Facebook

LePhone with the keyboard / carrying case
LePhone with the keyboard / carrying case | Source

Lenovo LePhone

Lenovo is best known as the Chinese company that bought out IBM's PC and laptop business, though it is a huge electronics maker in its own right. When it decided it wants to join in the Android phone market back in 2010, the phone was VERY interesting... at least visually. A sleek rounded exterior and some VERY customized Android interface... plus this "keyboard" with a VERY weird circular design, that is also a carrying case (with battery) that turns phone into a palmtop.

The specs are no slouch even a year after its release: 3.7 inch 800x480 screen, 1 GHz CPU, 3 MP back camera and VGA front camera.

Unfortunately, it seems that the phone's too Chinese to be exported to US market. You can find it on eBay, but no carrier in the US sells it.

Read the announcement on Ubergizmo

Fujitsu F-07C, Symbian phone, Windows 7 palmtop... same package.
Fujitsu F-07C, Symbian phone, Windows 7 palmtop... same package. | Source

Bonus item: Fujitsu F-07C

This is not an Android device, but it's still heck interesting and weird!

Ever wondered if you can run Windows 7 on a mobile phone? Wonder no longer. The Fujitsu F-07C runs Symbian in "phone mode", but can switch to Windows 7 Mode when you slide out the keyboard. That's right, Windows 7, NOT Windows Phone 7, the real Windows 7. It is equipped with a 32GB SSD, 1 GB of RAM, and a 1.2 GHz Intel Atom CPU (though downclocked 50%).

See Fujitsu press release


The world of Android phones is still evolving, though recent news of Google's disapproval of some of the weirdest Android devices may slow down the development of the more esoteric devices. Still, Android is the most open of mobile phone hardware platform, and new stuff is definitely interesting!

Stay tuned for more updates!


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    • tamarindcandy profile image


      7 years ago

      I considered trying out a dual-screen Android phone just because. Must say that the platform is supremely flexible to be able to fit onto so many weird devices. Left out the dual-screen Sony tablet, though.


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