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A future notebook computer

Updated on April 1, 2012

A future notebook computer

I had a dream last night where, near the end of the dream, I walked up to a college student that was working on his laptop computer.

To my surprise it was a different type of notebook or tablet than I have ever seen. It was really cool and I wished badly I had one.

I'm going to try to attempt to describe it here.

Going deep

I walked up to the student, who had his back to me. His notebook computer was on a table. I walked up and stood at his right side and looked down at the notebook as I started talking to him and noticed he had a very peculiar notebook or tablet, unlike anything I'd ever seen.

It only had a base like a tablet but it was thick and heavy duty like a Panasonic Toughbook.


what it looked like

Here I have tried to create an image of what it looked like.

Subscreen Hologram

Yeah, so... what's the big deal? Why would someone want a thick as hell notebook or tablet?

What amazed and astonished me was that when I looked down on the screen the image was a very crisp, sharp, detailed 3D image going down into the screen. It looks like a 3D scene displayed down in a box below the surface of the display screen glass.

It looked like a hologram but without any blurriness or difficulty in seeing what the image is.

The best way to describe it is that it reminded me of when I went to the WTC after 9-11 and after the clean up. When they finally openned the viewing areas, you just saw a huge "basement" or hole in the ground.

Likewise, the image is like a basement where the side walls have the function buttons and icons but they are all photorealistic objects and alive with video imagery.

What you are working on is in 3D as photorealistic images. Oddly enough, I found a reference this morning to what it looked like, on the Panasonic webpage for their new LUMIX DMC-TS4 12.1 Megapixel Digital Camera. They mention a miniature effect that creates a "diorama" image.

I didn't know what a diorama was so I looked it up in Wikipedia and what I saw was very similar to the type of image I saw looking down into the notebook screen. (similar in that it was 3 dimensional, not that it was a war scene, as the image in the dream was not a war scene)



Here's a rough simulation of what it looked like in the dream. In the dream the walls were a dark grey motif like you would see in sci fi games, which was probably influenced by my playing Quake 4 the night before the dream. In this image I used clippings from screenshots I made from Quake 4 for the side wall textures (images). In the dream though they were very high res and very detailed. In the dream the 3D image objects were of a smaller scale than those in this picture.

In a way it could be called a "Worldbook" because it displays a 3 dimensional world in the "box" below the screen surface.


Norman Schoonebeek


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