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A Good Online Calendar Solution for a Small Group to Share

Updated on March 4, 2012

Google Calendar

My first suggestion would be to try out Google Calendar. I have used it for my own personal use, and find it quite easy to use and very convenient. It also can be set up to send a daily email digest, or other notifications, to remind you of your schedule.


Yahoo! Calendar

Another option might be Yahoo! Calendar. I haven't used the Yahoo! Calendar, but I do have experience with Yahoo! groups, and I prefer them over the Google Groups. The calendar feature on Yahoo might provide more features than the Google one, so depending on what you are looking to do, this might better suit your needs.

A video on how to use Yahoo Group Calendars

What calendars have you used?

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    • profile image

      Michelle Lee 5 years ago

      Great post. You can now create your online calendar in minutes, without coding.

      Just point and click

    • profile image

      Mike 7 years ago

      Convenient Calendar is a great new shared online calendar that is easy to use and free.

    • claireH profile image

      claireH 7 years ago from Swindon

      I hope you don't mind my comment. As you are reviewing group calendars can I suggest you take a look at multi user calendar, let me know what you think. We have a mixture of customers using it for business and personal use.