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ALYT – An Open Source DIY Solution for Home Automation

Updated on January 8, 2018
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Tamara Wilhite is a technical writer, industrial engineer, mother of two, and published sci-fi and horror author.


ALYT stands for Affordably Link Your Things. ALTY, pronounced a-light, relies on Android and open source code to create an affordable smart home network, your own personal internet of things. It can be used to monitor your home, improve home security, turn on and off devices to save energy and much more.

ALYT doesn't rely on the traditional network connections.
ALYT doesn't rely on the traditional network connections. | Source

Benefits of ALYT over Comparable Systems

Because Affordably Link Your Things is open source, it doesn’t rely on proprietary technology to run. This makes it much cheaper than comparable technologies.

ALYT is compatible with Apple and Android devices. You can run it from your Android smart phone, iPhone or iPad.

AYLT was designed first and foremost as a security system. Both the hardware and software used in the ALYT system are robust and reliable.

ALYT comes with its own app to manage the smart home network. You won’t need to install a third party app to manage the ALYT system.

Affordably Link Your Things like the Nest home thermostat, one of the frontrunners in smart home technology, learns based on your habits. This simplifies the process of programming and adjusting the logic of the smart home network.

Android has a strong track record of IT security. This is in addition to the dedicated and secure radio frequency protocol ALYT uses for communication between security sensors.

ALYT is flexible when it comes to communicating with other devices. It can use WiFi, 3G, Bluetooth, infrared and ZigBee security RF frequencies to communicate with other devices.

ALYT has a backup communication device in the form of a 3.5G cellular backup along with backup memory. If there is a blackout or some form of wired communications failure (whether the phone line is cut or knocked down by a storm), ALYT’s security system and its video verification will keep going.

Affordably Link Your Things comes in a do it yourself wireless kit. You’ll be able to set it up in a few minutes, without having to buy or install cables. And you can modify it just as quickly, whether relocating cameras or moving sensors.

ALYT should continue evolving and improving because its open source platform and developer community is open to new features and functionality. These ALYT apps will be available for sale on an online ALYT Store similar to the Appstore.

Affordably Link Your Things uses less energy than comparable systems. While this won’t appreciably impact your electric bill, it will keep your system running for hours longer off of its batteries.

ALYT may let you lower your insurance premiums. Unoccupied homes face higher insurance premiums because someone isn’t there to turn off the water when the hot water heater breaks or call 911 when there is a fire.

Affordably Link Your Things (ALYT) offers smoke detection and water flood sensors that can look out for these signs of an impending disaster and notify you when they are tripped.

ALYT has a smooth, classic, minimalist design that fits into any décor. And if someone does break into your home, it won’t be obvious that this is something to smash or steal, crippling your home network the way a stolen laptop or ruined web came would.

ALYT lets you run all of the smart home functions we have come to expect from home automation. Close your blinds remotely. Know when the kids left the door open. Track energy usage. Turn down the thermostat. Link into CCTV systems at home, whether to check on the kids or your pets. Turn off the TV remotely. Program the DVR the moment you expect to be late.


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