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About Walkie Talkie

Updated on June 11, 2013

WOKI H900S Walkie Talkie

Walkie talkie also name as 2 way radio, however walkie talkie is the common name used among the group. Walkie talkie actually is a radio devices which can transmit and receive signal. The walkie talkie radio group will get the communication signal among the group.

Walkie talkie radio is a good choices if you are able to setup a group communication, since we are talkie about group communication, so we need to ensure the voice could be transferred among the groups. Hence the transmittance and receive of signal coverage is one of the upmost criteria for selecting a suitable walkie talkie.

Famous Walkie Talkie Brand

Walkie Talkie Brand

There are many brands for walkie talkie, such as Motorola, Kenwood, Midland walkie talkie and WOKI. Every user has their own preferences base on their own experience and the feedback from the group.

The communication principle for walkie talkie is using the same frequency channel among the group. You are not require to buy the same model in order to communicate among the group. As long as you understand the frequency used for the group, you are having high chances to use your walkie talkie unit. Unfortunately not many user or communication group setup their own dedicate communication frequency, they prefer use the default frequency. For convenience sake, most user group select the same brand.

Channel Frequency Format

How to determine the Frequency Channel?

You need to have a frequency detector or frequency scanner in order to detect the frequency uses by the walkie talkie. Not many user buy a frequency detector but the walkie talkie shop or manufacturer they may have the unit.

Another way to get frequency is directly read the frequency from the walkie talkie radio. You need 2 things in order to obtain the frequency, the programming cable and dedicate walkie talkie software. Perhaps this is the straight forward method but not all the walkie talkie shop carrying these 2 accessories. You need to look for the professional walkie talkie accessories shop in order to get the programming cable.

Criteria for Selecting a Walkie Talkie

There are a few criteria you must know before you make the choices.

1) Frequency range. There are mainly 2 frequency range, VHF and UHF. VHF is the frequency range around 150MHz whereby the UHF is falling at 400 -450MHz. Most of the current walkie talkie are using UHF bandwidth. You may select difference band width for your own application.

2) Power. Hand-held walkie talkie comes in 3W and 5W power. Without going through the details of power, it implies the larger the power means the broader signal coverage. For long range walkie talkie, you probably need to select the 5W unit. You may need to consider car unit in this case.

3) Design wise. It commonly with 2 choices, the walkie talkie with input pad and without input pad. For advance user who willing to have more control especially setting up their own communication frequency, they will select the walkie talkie with the input pad. For ordinary user will normally pick the walkie talkie without the input pad.

4) Branding and Support. Regardless you are selecting the well-known walkie talkie brand, you still need to check with the seller about their technical support. The support is very much important after you intend to get more for your own application.

5) Accessories. Buying a walkie talkie radio is something like getting a start up kit. There are many walkie talkie accessories in the market which could further assist you in your job. Make sure you aware about the accessories available such as head set, microphone, antenna, etc. Check with the seller and see what they have in their available list.

Walkie Talkie Commonly used in Factory

Common Application for Walkie Talkie

1) Restaurant. Many restaurants have equipped walkie talkie for their waitress and cheft, this is to improve the communication and ensure promptly reply on customer needs.

2) Factory. Facility department are the group of people carrying with walkie talkie radio. This is to ensure the message could be broadcasted within the group while carry out the on-site job.

3) Security force. Secutiry team need walkie talkie radio more than telephone.

Even handphone is very popular communication tools, but please looks around your surrounding, and I believe you will see many application for walkie talkie radio. Please tell us more what you observe.


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