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About my digital cameras

Updated on June 23, 2010

My last photo

A journey of photos

I remember buying my first digital camera. A Kodak. Low cost. Entry level. For some strange reason I was out of my comfort zone with "digital" and while other friends had one, I was not too sure. I just didn't understand.

My Kodak was fine. It opened the door to a magic new world for me - and I got hooked on photography. When it died (of overwork I suspect) I bought a Nikon and for a while i had a love affair with Nikon, and I have had three over the years. One I took to China with me in 2008, and it "died" on me, and I had to get another one. Another Nikon was flown to my from Australia, as they only ones I could find here were very expensive and were not what I wanted. (Some of the challenges might have been caused by my lack of Chinese language too - but I could get no satisfaction when I tried to get one here.)

I now like to travel with at least 2 cameras, as travelling as I do, there is always something I want to record - some amazing sight, some funny events etc. I don't do a lot of video, but will be doing more.

Last year I bought a CANON SLR and I love it. BUT, it is too heavy. I find that when I am out and about it is just too weighty and I save the CANON for special events. At home in Australia I am occasionally asked to be the "official photographer" for some local community events and I love it.

I did have a telephoto lens but it was stolen from my hotel room a couple of weeks ago. There is a new lens that has telephoto capabilities and is not as big, and I can leave it on the camera at all times rather than change it.

By now, you've probably guessed that I am not full of technical know-how with cameras. I'm a sort of "point and shoot" photographer, but I manage to get some amazing shots. And I am a little adventurous with the many settings on the Canon.

I'm currently doing a series of photos with reflections - easy to get as I live in a water city in China.

I carry a camera 24/7 so I don't manage to take the CANON with me all the time. I keep my little Nikon in my bag for "emergencies" or times when dragging the weight and large CANON is not a good idea.

But my little Nikon died. Perhaps repairable, but not here in China. So I thought I'd cope without a small camera - but after a few days and a few missed opportunities I resolved to get a new one. I decided to buy it locally - or at least try. A few weeks ago I set off into some stores that feature computers, and other technical devices. I'd never seen a camera there before, but I was helped by some guys and they pointed me to SAMSUNG.

The lady behind the counter could not speak English, and my Chinese is limited, so it was an interesting time, but in the end I bought a Samsung ES70.

Wow! Am I impressed.

It is neat - compact, light, and with wonderful instructions on the screen. So easy to use and the photos are impressive.

Also the video recording is great. I'm rapt. I feel more confident that I can get a very good photo now, and though I will not neglect my CANON, I will happily take my SAMSUNG where ever I go.

There are other hubs on cameras - lots of information for anyone wanting to buy one of these amazing devices. 

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