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Advantages Toll Free Numbers

Updated on February 1, 2015

Why use a Toll Free Number –

Many people who have heard or read the term PBX, toll free number, vanity number, would normally wonder why use the said service? What are the advantages or benefits of a toll free number? How much would it cost to own or operate a PBX?

First things first, the main advantages and benefits of a hosted (also called virtual) PBX system are used for SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprise). Some people may already be aware, but for those who are not, a PBX system can be described as a dedicated phone system that can handle large communication demands of a company. It used to be that only huge organization (and a handful of SMEs) can use and employ the high cost of traditional PBX system. But with the current technology, anyone can enjoy the services of a PBX system through virtual PBX. Yes, it is not mistyped, anyone.

PBX for Everybody –

Current VoIP technology allows communication providers to offer PBX services at an incredibly low price. Such providers are called hosted PBX providers or virtual PBX providers. Usual clients of hosted PBX providers are small business owners who want a reliable and professional communication system to be contacted by their customers. Call center companies also depends on virtual PBX services to handle the huge amount of incoming and outgoing calls.

On a more personal level an individual can also take advantage of the benefits of a virtual PBX system. People who have contact and friends overseas can use the service to avoid incurring high international charges. For home use, the main benefit of a virtual PBX is for easy communication between family members.

The best hosted PBX provider –

Truth be told, the notion of best hosted PBX provider depends on the needs of the subscriber. Numerous hosted PBX providers are flooding the market offering industry standard services. Some may offer additional service with corresponding additional fees. Some may not offer some services such as conference calling.

Suggestions when choosing a hosted PBX provider –

  • Know what PBX service is needed and wanted.
  • Research some information about the provider. Be sure to tackle user opinions and reviews.
  • Know the different subscription plans.
  • Read the TOS or terms of service. Specially the part with contracts.
  • Visit the website below for reviews of some of the popular hosted PBX providers available on the market.


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