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Advantages of .net Framework

Updated on January 20, 2022
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This hub provides an evaluation of the advantages and Disadvantages of .NET framework


One of the advantages of the .NET Framework is that it offers a basis for active applications for uniting other languages of programming in a common function set. These functions belong to a namespace, which is a classification for various other type of function. Most elements of the framework are based on rsquo and java structure. This translates that, it is an open source and would facilitate easy viewing of the codes in the function keys,

Owing to its function classifications, the functionality of the. NET framework is the same as an object-oriented basis for programmers. This means that every value in . NET is an object that that can be easily converted into other types of data. For instance, an integer can be converted into double digits by transforming the type as an object.

Multi-Platform Potential

Similar to Java, the .NET Framework works as a multiplatform interface. This translates that it is able to run on many operating systems that install their own versions of .NET. The particular operating systems could relate their own functions to the libraries in. NET in a manner whereby the same calls to a specific function on a particular .NET program would as well call the related function of the operating system. This means that it is not necessary for programmers to regularly learn new call sets for all operating systems. In addition, programmers do not have to port their programs from one system to another.

Rapid Development

With the .NET Framework, it has become easier for graphical interfaces to be implemented for the purpose of development. Moreover, programmers are now able to develop or design windows without the necessity of having to write codes for generating their controls. This brisk development enables business entities to generate more revenue by putting more time on this profit generation and not other aspects, this point to the reason why many large companies have turned to .NET framework while abandoning the old programming languages.

Disadvantages of .NET framework

Although the .NET Framework has a number of advantages, it is also not without its disadvantages, the following are some of the main disadvantages of .NET Framework. Some of the issues related with this framework contain a code library that is bulky (Microsoft Developer, M, 2013). The .NET Framework has no support for cross platform. This is one of the demerits of this framework. The .NET Framework only operate with a windows operating systems. This means that applications that use the .NET framework are limited. Although the Microsoft .NET Frame is the main competitor to Java, the latter appears to be more enhanced as Linux, Mac and Windows can support it. These points to the reason why many people prefer Java in comparison to .NET Framework.

The size of the. NET Framework has kept on growing over the years. A larger framework will necessitate a larger installer. For instance, the required installer that could be used to install a .NET Framework in 2009 was more than 50MB. This means that download of the software could take quite some time. Owing to the fact that many programs are reliant on the .NET Framework, it can be a problem for a user who doesn’t have the required program. Installation of what may appear as a simple program can be a challenging owing to the time taken to down load the framework.

Furthermore, issues regarding size may persist long even after the installation process in over. By virtue of visualization, applications that are reliant on the .NET Framework apparently appear to consume more CPU power. This usually leads to decreased performance on the machines that are less powerful.


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