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Android Incredible Battery Life Issue and Fix - Droid Battery Problem Fix

Updated on September 12, 2010

So you have a brand new Android device, it is sweet, you love it...but the battery lasts through your morning coffee and then starts dieing. sending you scurrying from charger to charger all day? That is no way to live! Try the solutions below to enjoy improved battery life. These are good for most HTC Android devices like the Incredible, etc!

There are many different "fixes" out there, but at the end of the day, the battery is simply not big enough in my opinion. That device need a 1740 mAh battery.. as do most smart phones, but the makers dont like the extra size and cost of the bigger batteries. First thing I would try is making sure your settings are optimal for battery life. Do this first.

1. Set screen brightness to lowest you feel comfortable with.
2. Turn off Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/GPS through each widget when not using them.
3. Use the Advanced Task Killer app to kill not needed apps.
4. Put your Droid Incredible phone into airplane mode when spending more than a short time in an area with poor reception or no signal at all.
5. Reduce usage of live wallpapers or use static ones entirely.
6. Turn off FriendStream, Google Finance, Pandora, and other always updating apps when on battery.
7. Disable calendar syncing if you do not use the Gmail Calendar at all.

After that, reset the "battery full" indicator for the battery. There have been some issue with the Incredible getting "confused" as to the level of the battery, this resets the "battery Full" mark.

- Charge your battery like normal
- When you see the green light unplug the phone and power it down
- Plug it back up (you should see the orange light again for a while)
- When the light turns green again, then you are fully charged.


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