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Android Mobile Applications for Businesses

Updated on November 8, 2013

Google Android

Google Android Applications for Business Professionals

The Google Play app store for Android Smart Phones has matured significantly over the past year, resulting in a large number of quality business focused applications including: calendaring, document creation and management, project collaboration and task list tracking, on demand communication tools with your team and many others. A business professional no longer needs to use an iPhone to have a true mobile workplace experience, the Android phones like those from Samsung are perfect for an on the go sales team member or executive.

Google Android is becoming more popular with consumer due to the fact that the iPhone remains just on the AT&T network which has proven to be unreliable for some people in certain areas, providing a lot of room for potential growth of Android in the United States. Android phones are popping up on all of the carriers and so a business owner is easily able to upgrade his existing cell phone service to an Android based smartphone whether built by Samsung, Motorola, HTC, or any of the other companies using Android as the operating system for their phone. This business owner now has access to utilize a large resource of applications in the Google app store that are catered to improving the experience of the phone and customizing it to fit each users specific needs.

The following will develop into a list of many different Android applications that are important for a business professional using an Android based phone should have on their device.

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Evernote - An excellent note and information management application


Evernote is an excellent app for business professionals for capturing important pieces of data as they come in during your day. The application has a desktop application including an extension in the Chrome browser which allows you to carry your important notes and comments on things to do with you from the office to wherever you may roam or work by maintaining connection via the cloud to your mobile phone. As long as you have a connection to the network you have access to your data, no waiting around to sync or not have the important note or file, because you forgot to sync the application.

The features of the Evernote application for Android include a picture tool, take a picture and automatically able to title it, tag it, and write specific comments. Taking a picture of the whiteboard before erasing it has saved me countless times from forgetting that one little good idea a week later. The app has a nice voice recording tool similar to the pic app, utilizing the voice recording features of the phone to tag and archive a voice note. Standard note taking is a breeze and easily to categorize and save for later. And you can upload a file that you may have no matter what the file you can save it from your phone or download and access it through your device if you need to share something with someone immediately you can access it through your phone and email it to the person without having to carry all your files all of the time, you can access them as needed through the Evernote system.

Evernote is a free application; however they do offer several premium features that make the experience richer and more complete. This is definitely an app to download and give a try to see if it helps you, capture and manage the random information that comes at you during the day.

Evernote for Android comes equipped with native note browsing, which means that you can easily browse and search through all of your notes. Thanks to Evernote’s synchronization features, all the notes you make in the desktop or web versions of Evernote are instantly accessible from your Android phone—and vice versa.

Evernote is a great way for new business owners that need to be on a budget but want to have capabilities of a big company with file sharing and files and notes on the go. Evernote is the perfect solution for entrepreneurs that need to have notes, pictures, and voice recording notes.

Android with Skype Mobile

Skype Mobile for Android

On demand communication is very important for all business executives. Skype is a well known popular service used on the desktop or laptop computer and now offering a great application to take your Skype on the go with Android. Skype mobile is able to provide professionals with an alternative to the traditional phone charges you may rack up making calls to people around the world while running your business.

Skype offers people the capability to make calls without the really large expensive mobile charges. This excellent app can help you run your business more smoothly by keeping everyone in touch wherever someone may be, while keeping costs down.

Google Translate - A Mobile Application for Language Translation Quickly

Google Translate

The Google translate application for the Google Android smart phones is an excellent application for the business professional that has to travel internationally to various locations. The service is great because it not only provides you a written translation that can be used to show someone to ask that one important phrase when needed or you can listen to the pronunciations of words and phrases to be able to navigate through your travels successfully without failing to find a restroom in a timely manner or locate a taxi cab, hotel, or any other necessary travel stop.

The application features a voice search option that makes submitting terms very convenient, rather than typing out phrases you can quickly use the Google voice search to look at the over 50 languages on the Google Translate service. Google Translations tend to be good for basic tasks however these are computer translations being sent from the Google servers, these are not human translations and so when you submit more complex phrases and sentences the translations may not provide the exact meaning thus do not use this for anything that would require precise language like a legal document.

The Google Translate application is a free app on the Google Android App Store.

Google Docs and GDocs for Android

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GDocs and Google Docs in the Android Browser

A simple application for syncing Google Docs account with an Android device is Gdocs. An app so that you can always have access to important documents or use your idle time to work on projects that will be saved for later retrieval. The text editor is a decent little tool and synced with Google docs you can keep things moving along while you have some down time.

The app quickly auto syncs and provides you access to spreadsheet very nicely as well.

Here are some of the additional listed features for GDocs:

· Multiple accounts support

· Support of Google Apps accounts (Google Premier accounts)

Automatic document synchronization

PDF viewer

Localized to many languages - French, German, Hungarian, Norwegian, Russian, Romanian

Android 1.5 supported - Motorola Droid, Nexus One, Hero, Touch, G1 & etc.

Import/export of documents and files from Google cloud and your Android device

There is now another way to access google docs and that is through the browser of the device by going to from your Android smart phone browser or safari in an iPhone or iPad. And from there you can access all of your Google Docs and conduct your business as normal. However for those people that still want an app rather than use the browser Gdocs will serve your needs.

Top Apps for Professionals


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