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Apple Did a Samsung in 1984 and Now Targets Google

Updated on August 27, 2012
The Xerox Alto-sure looks like a Mac!
The Xerox Alto-sure looks like a Mac!

The recent court ruling against Samsung for stealing from Apple for use in their cell phones and tablets is a blow to selection and to Google's Android technology. But, Steve Jobs and his young Apple did exactly what Samsung did when the Apple Macintosh first debuted in 1984. What Steve did was steal from Xerox's Palo Alto Research Center's computer called Alto. This had been developed in the mid-1970's and Steve first saw it in 1979 when he visited it. That visit is what sparked Job's drive to build a computer. In fact, the first Mac's were very much like Xerox's Alto! What Steve did, is what Samsung and Google has done, improved upon what another company actually created. For Jobs, the Alto had three buttons, Job's wanted only one and it should work without a mouse pad. Pop-up windows were changed to look different. Basically, Steve still used the core technology Xerox had created. So, he stole it and improved it.

In 1983, Microsoft's Window's first appeared but not very good until 1986. Microsoft stole some of Apple's ideas in software and improved them, soom, MS crushed the Apple market. When Google had created Android, this reminded Job's of the Microsoft history, when Google stole from Apple and made changes. That is when Job's vowed to destroy Android, which said Google had stolen Apple's technology.

The Samsung Galaxy Note phone is better than the iPhone in some ways, it takes whatever Apple has and improved it. Seems Apple elects to ignore their own history-on purpose!


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