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The New Apple Ipad ~ The Future PC

Updated on October 7, 2012

Today, more people are reading books on computer electronic devices.

The number is growing rapidly every day with the introduction of cell phones offering ebook reading capabilities and the introduction of Apple’s iPad.

The iPad is a new device that has come into the computer ebook market.

If you love reading books, then you should get an iPad.

There is no question that the size and feel of the iPad, makes it perfect for reading ebooks.

It’s definitely a perfect ebook reader because of its size and weight.

The iPad is a little heavier than a regular book.

The greatest thing about the iPad is that it can store thousands of books perfectly.

Popular Device

The iPad is a great device for browsing the web.

It's features includes reading and sending emails.

You have the advantage of enjoying photos, watching videos, playing games, reading e-books, and so many more features.

You do not have to use a mouse with the iPad.

There are no hidden windows behind other windows or confusing icons.

Whatever you want to see on the screen, just tap the screen to display the feature.


One does not have to think about what to do, just select the function and it is immediately displayed on the screen.

Mobile Internet

Many people are stating, that the iPad is probably the most successful mobile web instrument that has been developed.

The mobile system is called Safari, which is a fast and powerful web browser from Apple.

The device is not only fast and the internet speed is highly optimized for online products and services for individual usage.

You can search for addresses or maps by means of Google Maps.  Or you can view video clips through YouTube.

The iPad is a great instrument for many uses.

Many internet users are pleased to acknowledge, that the Apple iPad is the definite instrument they have been searching for a long time.

You can enjoy the internet on the run,anywhere you are.

Private Space

Comparison to the web, the Apple iPad is a very good product, to store favorite songs, videos, photos and files with the help of a file manager made available to you by Apple.

The file manager can arrange everything in the library.

You can obtain all the media in one location.

Home Usage

The iPad is excellent for people looking to stay connected to their home business and professional life.

Documents can be created on the iPad as well as presentations.

Daily activities can be managed.

Information can be created on a calendar, and the information can readily be customized the way you want it to perform.

This feature helps you remain in touch with valued customers and to continue working when you are on the road or away from your home or office computer.


Today, the iPad runs over 140,000 applications.

It has lots of games, tools and other accessories ready for downloading.

The iPad's 9.7 inch screen means, that it can run many of the same functions as the iPhone or the iPod Touch.

It is a lot easier to see each function and control them.

Documents can be imported from iWork 09 and Microsoft Office and edited directly onto iPad, making it easy to work with documents, slideshows, presentations and spreadsheets.

Many applications are sold separately and can be bought as needed, instead of paying for ones that may never be used.

The battery life extends for ten-hours. This includes the installation of Wi-Fi. You can take it any place without looking for outlets to re-charge the battery.

The power saving features are built-in to make sure the battery last as long as required, without losing the internet or any of the many other functions.

The iPad screen allows you to pinch, pull, twist, rotate and change objects on the screen in many ways.

The iPad price is pretty reasonable. Many people may not understand or like the iPad.

It is a great investment and a very enjoyable item.



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    • Cheryl J. profile imageAUTHOR

      Cheryl J. 

      10 years ago from Houston, TX


      Thanks for your comment on my hubpage Apple Ipad. The future of technology is a life changing experience. There is so much to look forward to in technology today.

    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 

      10 years ago from Houston, Texas

      The information about the Apple Ipad and the future PC is interesting. Technology certainly changes fast these days! That first video was hilarious! Thanks for putting this useful hub together for us, Cheryl.


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