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Apple Magic Mouse – A Multi-Touch Mouse

Updated on May 13, 2014

Magic Mouse is a Bluetooth mouse but you’ll be surprise how smooth the tracking goes no matter what surface you have. It also works well in different surfaces that laser or optical mouse cannot work with. However, gamers may find it difficult to use at first because the design of Magic Mouse is a bit strange and the gestures when you use it is different than any other mice. But it should work perfectly once you get used to it.

Apple Magic Mouse
Apple Magic Mouse | Source

The smooth surface of the Magic Mouse allows you to scroll in any direction with the up and down motion of your finger. The scrolling experience is so smooth that once you get used to it you wouldn’t want to use the traditional mouse again. Swiping your finger on the surface will let you browse web pages and photo slides.

The Apple Magic Mouse is an aluminum base with no buttons or controls on its surface so you might be wondering at first how to use it. Actually, you can click anywhere on the surface because the entire surface is your button. It is a one-button mouse but with a little help from software called “BetterTouchTool”, you can transform it into a two-button mouse. It allows the Magic Mouse to distinguish between left and right clicks as long as you don’t rest your index finger on the mouse when doing right clicks. If you need to convert your Magic Mouse into a three-button mouse then you need to install “Magicpref” available from the Apple website. It should not be a deal breaker though since middle clicks is not used frequently.

Overall, Apple’s innovative Magic Mouse is an excellent device to interact with your Mac but there is definitely a lot of room for improvements.


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