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Apple T.V. and Roku Streaming Media Players for your Televison

Updated on July 29, 2013

Visual of the Apple T.V. Displayed on your TV

Visual display of Apple T.V.
Visual display of Apple T.V. | Source

Apple T.V. System Contents


Roku Sytem


Streaming Media Players

I am confused. Are you confused? Cause I am starting to get confused. With all the technology coming at the consumer, at the rate of lightening. It can be confusing. Apple TV., Roku, I PAD, I PODS, Kindle this and Kindle that. I wonder if anyone can find the time to find out what these gadgets are or much less figure out how to use them.

Every time I walk into an electronic section of a store there is something I don't know anything about. I like to think or a least say to myself. "Well I can't afford it for now anyways,so I don't need to know what I am missing out on."

But I find that in social situations it's best to know what everyone is talking about. Nothing like being left out of a conversation, because your not up on the latest technology. And most people out there want to talk about their most recent acquisitions.

For me. I am far behind. My newest technology, being a Qwerty keyboarded telephone, which are already out of date. By The Way. The I Phones, took me far out of the running on that.

And now we have the Apple T.V. and the Roku. On the market. Do you sit there and think? "Well, what about my damn Cable?" Because that is what I was wondering when I saw them on the shelf.

So here is the jest, or what it is I could gather on them. They are streaming media players. "And what does that mean?" I said wanting to scratch my brunette hair that was blonde hair.

See I sorta thought being a brunette would give me instant knowledge and intelligence. Turns out that didn't work. LOL

The man says well you know it's for your I POD AND IPAD AND NETFLIX. And I thought it came with channels. "Oh but it does", he enlightened me. Ahem. Oh the Apple T.V. it's a streaming media player, OH OK! Ya! So he explains. Apple T.V. is a wireless communication device for IPOD, IPAD AND THE CLOUD. It comes with free radio, You Tube, a CNN application(with top stories, ESPN Application and Netflix(when you have an already paid subscription) Blockbuster is probably also something you can add to it with paid subscriptions. When you subscribe to your local Cable Co. It may also work with the system and that's where I heard a complaint. I will say from an unknown source. She said, "Well when I tried to use my Roku with my cable, it turned out that my cable wasn't "update" and I couldn't use it with my cable. But at what the average price of $99.00 at Walmart, I thought it seemed like a pretty good deal. And the saleman said that the Roku came with 600 channels already on the thing. So I say it seems like a good deal.

To the left you will see in the pictures what Apple T.V will look like on your own. And also to the left a picture of both the Roku and Apple T.V and their contents when purchased. I would love to hear you comment if any one of you own one yourselves. And what you might think others should know, when it comes to their systems.


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