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Apple iTunes From A to Z Features

Updated on July 14, 2011

iTunes features

“iTunes is a free application that lets you play music, videos, and more on your computer. And it's a store where you can add to your collection anytime, day or night.”

Features of iTunes window

Library - iTunes windows has got a storage location known as library which stores your imported files and download that includes any purchase of music, TV shows, movies, podcast, audio books, iPod games, application and any other material that will help you understand iTunes. iTune window has a store which gives you the opportunity to buy any files and downloads be it music, video and many others, accessing the iTunes store is a click away and does not takes a lot of time to do purchase

iTune window has got a device menu which shows all the related iTune products in one menu. Menus that you can access from the device include iPod, iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV. Device menu able you to perform other task such as burning a music from your computer desktop and downloading files from the desktop .The iTune playlist menu helps iTune users to create their own play list, this makes it easy to arrange your own playlist, you can either create Smart Playlist or stick to the standard playlist that iTune comes with. iTune gives you the ability to select your favourite music by using the visual browsing features. With this features you are able to create group of music and video album that you may find interesting

Use iTune cover flow window to display your music in one place, this makes it easy for the iTune users to select the desired Music with ease. iTunes has got a column browser that enables users to display their music collections in columns; with column you will be able to browse your music easily without any problem as all the music will be listed. As an iTune user you decide for yourself where you want to view the iTune column browser either on the top bar or on the sidebar of the iTunes, its gives you the option to move it where you feel comfortable. Use iTunes Genius mixes features to locate song from the library that goes together without any problem. iTune has got the Back Up to Disc which enables you back your music and videos on CD inside your iTune, you do external back from within, this will save you time

iTunes has got many wonderful features that cannot be explained in one single hub, you can have access to iTunes by going direct to their online stores to find more information and latest about iTunes playlist. Below are some useful Apple iPhone hubs that will help choose the right Apple iPhone for your own personal and business use

How to create a playlist in itunes


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