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Apple iphone 5 - amazing panorama camera mode

Updated on May 20, 2013

Apple iPhone 5 Panoramic feature

No words to say about Apple iPhone 5 amazing features. One of the new and stunning features included in iPhone 5 is panoramic camera mode. Just check out the video given below demonstrates the panoramic camera mode which shows magic technology from Apple. This feature allows you to take a long distance area (up to 240 degrees) with a single shot with a resolution up to 38 megapixels. iPhone 5 is already famous as thinner and lighter phone. The Panoramic camera app in iPhone 5 allows you to take multiple photos and join together as a panoramic photo. Panoramic mode is the unique feature in iPhone 5 which is not yet developed or seen in perfection in any other phones. Check out the given below demonstration for using panoramic camera mode in iPhone 5.

How to take Panorama shots in iPhone 5?

Apple iPhone 5 includes some useful apps and options for taking Panoramic shots. Given below are the process and tips for taking Panoramic photos in iPhone 5.

* First take the camera app in your phone

* Tap the options button seen on the top of the screen.

* You can see a panorama mode on the options; Just tap on the panorama mode.

* There you can see some instructions to use it including a rectangular strip, a center line and an arrow symbol.

* Now tap out the camera button which can be seen on the bottom of your screen.

* Now you are ready to take panoramic shots.

* While taking the shots, Move around your camera in a direction of the arrow seen in the camera.

* You can adjust the arrow according to your comfort but always follow the arrow while taking the stills.

* If you are not following the arrow mark, there will be a warning sign to slow down.

* You can take the panoramic photos from left to right or vice versa by just tapping the arrow on the camera mode.

Given below video show you a clear idea for taking Panoramic stills from iPhone 5.

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