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New Apple Mini iPhone Nano Rumours Revealed

Updated on April 30, 2011

Apple to shrink the iPhone?

More Apple rumours have surfaced in the last couple of days over the possible release this summer of a mini iPhone or iPhone Nano, which is the a third of the size of the iPhone 4, and approximately half the price of its bigger brother. Apple has now got everybody guessing what will be next - the iPad 2, iPhone 5 or perhaps a possible mini version of the iPhone?

There have been a few rumblings and rumours flying about for the last few years about Apple working on a mini iPhone, but in the last few days rumour control has gone into over drive over Apple’s possible launch of this type of phone in the summer priced around $200.

iPhone ‘Nano’?

There is a market for a cheaper and smaller iPhone ‘Nano’, which allows Apple to compete in another sector of the mobile/cell phone market. Although, as you might of guessed, Apple is being as tight lipped as ever, and we are all left to guess as to if and when we might see Apple’s new baby phone.

Edge-to-Edge Screen?

So, if there is to be an iPhone ‘Nano’ what will it look like and what features are we to expect? One theory is that the phone will feature an edge-to-edge screen and will be one-third or half the size of the iPhone 4. Apple currently have the technology in place to produce such a device.

No Face Time Camera?

Another question is whether the smaller size and cheaper price will allow a FaceTime camera. Certainly, a phone without a camera and face time is quite probable considering the very low proposed price.

Retina display?

Then there is a of question of display. We have all been spoiled with the iPhone 4’s stunning Retina display, which surely become a feature of the iPad 2 as well. The Retina display’s pixel density is so high, your are unable to distinguish individual pixels, and has set the new standard for mobile phone and tablet displays, but will cost factor mean that Retina display will have to be dropped.

Thinner & Lighter?

The iPhone 4’s unique design of the glass panels back and front and a metal rim all the way around, could be the look for the new mini iPhone giving it a skinnier frame and making it lighter. Likewise, a brushed aluminium back, and perhaps thinner glass could be the way forward.

Online Music Storage Service?

Also rumoured is that iTunes will become an online music storage service that you would use to stream music to your mobile device. This will allow Apple to keep the memory size down on a smaller iPhone ‘Nano’.

Battery Live vs Gadgets

The battery of a mini iPhone clearly will have to be smaller than iPhone, which again raises the question of what will be needed to be sacrificed in order to give good battery life. Display? Software or camera/video functions? A stripped down version of the iOS 4.2 Software, no camera and Retina display is quite likely to extend battery life and keep the cost down.

Apple Shooting Itself in the Foot?

While the idea of a low priced iPhone ‘Nano’ sounds like a great idea, one wonders how will this affect sales of the iPhone 4 and the much awaited iPhone 5, or is mini iPhone going to be the ‘iPhone 5’?

Which will be first in 2011? : IPad, iPhone or possible mini iPhone ‘Nano?

Rumours vary as to the release date this year for Apple’s new iPad, iPhone, Macbook Pro and possible a mini iPhone ‘Nano’. All we can do is wait and see what will Apple produce out of their magic hat this year.

© David Lloyd-Jones 2010

Little & Large iPhones ?
Little & Large iPhones ?


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    • klanguedoc profile image

      Kevin Languedoc 5 years ago from Canada

      As a developer, my concern is apps. Wouldn't the small form factor limit the type of apps that can be developed for a smaller device?