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Apple's New iPad - 4G LTA and High Resolution Display

Updated on February 6, 2013

San Francisco debut of Apple's new iPad

On March 7, 2012 at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Apple unveiled its newest prodigy, the technology laden iPad 3, best known as the "new i Pad". Its capabilities are quite impressive, and the cost is not prohibitive. For as little as $499, the average consumer can own the highly acclaimed iPad toy and tool in one, with new 4G compatibility in the United States (with a choice of AT&T or Verizon providers) or 3G compatibility when traveling overseas.

Suggested Retail Prices

The normal Wi Fi versions:

  • $499 - 16 GB
  • $599 - 32 GB
  • $699 - 64 GB

The LTA technology with 4G capabilities:

  • $629 - 16 GB
  • $729 - 32 GB
  • $829 - 64 GB.

The price seems more than fair IMHO. The average professional, student or even housewife could reasonably manage invest in a great little mini-computer ideal for taking photos, skype-ing, dictating a message or writing a blog. The lightweight but sturdy size makes it not too fragile for carrying around in a purse or briefcase.

A5X, the iPad3's new Operating System (OS)

The big draw on the new iPad is the great viewing capabilities. Like anything else, it doesn't come all by itself. The basis of this great new technology is the new and improved A5X larger operating system (OS), estimated at between 1-1.5 GHz. The Apple iPhone 4S and iPad2, by comparison, have a 1.0 GHz OS.

The new iPad is larger, thicker and has a 42.5 watt hour battery, nearly double the power of its predecessor, the iPad 2 which has a 24,5 watt hour battery. I broke down some of its pluses on a point by point basis to see if I can justify buying one in the future. Being personally intrigued, and tempted by the price/quality combination, it looks like a neat and helpful thing to own.

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A mini computer in your hand

The new iPad3 has phenomenal resolution due to 264 pixels per inch thanks to the support of the A5X OS, estimated at 50% stronger than the iPad 2.
The new iPad3 has phenomenal resolution due to 264 pixels per inch thanks to the support of the A5X OS, estimated at 50% stronger than the iPad 2.
The attractive new iPad's design is available in two colors, black and white
The attractive new iPad's design is available in two colors, black and white

What the New iPad Offers:

  • Its larger, 42.5 watt hour battery has a 10 hour battery life and 9 hour LTA life so you can be out and about all day without having to plug in to recharge. Its predecessor, the iPad2 has a 25 watt hour battery, about half the power.
  • Its retina screen is a technological wonder. Apple manager says "it's clearer than newsprint". Good for many of us whose eyes are getting worse, probably from too much time on the computer.
  • Photos. There is a $5 upgrade application available to better manage, edit and improve upon the iPad3 photos taken. The iSight camera was given a backside, illuminated sensor to improve the quality of videos, with 30 frames per second of 1080p filming. (Now compatible with the upgraded Apple TV.) The camera itself remains a mere 5 Mega Pixels, unlike the Apple iPhone 4S which 8 Mega Pixels. Oh well, it is an iPad, not a camera. And 5 MP is still quite good.
  • The new, improved A5X Operating System - or OS, which helps drive the fantastic retina screen display with its millions of megapixels. Actual pixel dimensions are 2048 x 1536. With 264 pixels per inch, this translates to a million more pixels than 1080p HDTV. Pixel dimensions are all about better screen definition and 44% better color resolution. Apple claims it's the best available, which is probably true right now.
  • Bluetooth 4.0 upgrade, putting it in the latest technology mode for newer devices using the new, low power technology. This technology includes medical sensors, diabetic sugar reading meters and other interface devices helping patients convert data for easier interface with healthcare providing services (I like this!).
  • The new iPad introduces Air Play Streaming, basically a wireless capability of sending online movies from your iPad to a compatible television, like the Apple TV. This option was available on the iPad 2, but with a cable connection.
  • Dictation. You can search online and even tweet or post on Facebook by using the iPad dictation option. This also goes for compiling a grocery list, send an email message or "write" yourself a reminder.
  • Last but not least, 4G technology. Fourth Generation is available in the US, but may not be so in other countries. More on this in the section below.

AT&T and Verizon plans

These providers have plans available in the United States on a month to month basis. In Canada, 4G providers are Bell, Telus and Rogers.

Both AT&T and Verizon have 4G versions available to consumers on a month to month basis (no long term contracts). Since the hardware is unique for each, you must choose one or the other, no switching back and forth.

The best news is that the 4T models of the "new iPad" / aka iPad 3 will be compatible for 3G technology in overseas locations like Europe or the Far East if you are a professional business traveler or a student doing overseas research.

The Apple iPad II

Its predecessor, the iPad II is also a gem of technological wonder. If you are buying for a student or just want to start small, my suggestion is to look on Ebay for previously owned iPads. Now that the new one is available, the former version will have a reduced price and you are already head and shoulders above the masses with the superior Apple technology.

Shop and compare, or just go for the glory and buy the iPad III!

Technologically yours,



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