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Belkin CushDesk and Universal Media Reader

Updated on November 7, 2009

Even though it probably isn’t in the mission statement of computers, but I believe that now our computers are supposed to make our lives easier.  Belkin, makers of many computer accessories including the N1 Vision Wireless Router, has created two things to make users’ lives just a tad bit easier. 


There is a good reason why the CushDesk says EASE COMFORT COOL in gigantic letters. The CushDesk is simply a desk designed to hold a laptop on your lap, and not feel the burn.

If you have ever actually used a laptop on your lap, then you know the burn that I am talking about. Most laptops generate a lot of heat underneath, and they tend to radiate places where they are not wanted. You can get laptop stands that can cool you the laptop and your lap if you wish, but these always take external power, assuming that you cannot connect to your laptop via USB.

The CushDesk is nothing really too technological. It is a platform with some cushions on the bottom. In all honesty, you cannot get any simpler than that.

Universal Media Reader

The Universal Media Reader is simply that, a thing designed to read cards.  These days, it seems like everyone has at least one memory card, and we could all use something to read them. 

I have used card readers like the Simplifi before, but unlike that particular model from Griffin Technologies, this one required some software to download.  It came with the CD, but I don’t see why.  I was sort of hoping that this would be a plug-and-play device. 

But it does work, and supports multiple formats such as MS/MS Duo, SD/MMC/MiniSD, M2, SmartMedia/xD, CF/Microdrive, and MicroSD.  From there, it is easy to drag and drop whatever files that you put on the memory card of your camera, cell phone, or whatever you pulled your memory card from.

I’m not certain who designed this card reader, but I can’t help but think that I would have done some things differently.  See how it sort of just leans over on the desk.  If you were going to go with this shape, I would have made it so it would have stood on the side that the cards are inserted into. 

Also, the USB to mini-USB connector was awkward.  It came with one long and one short.  Honestly, why invest in two when one long one would do the job? 

I suppose it is not my place to criticize.  After all, I am the average consumer.  I can still recommend both of these products.  You should be able to purchase them off the Belkin website.  The Cushdesk is about $29.99 and the Media Reader is about $49.99. 


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