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Best Computer Cases 2016

Updated on November 17, 2015

The computer case is basically just a box into which all your hardware is installed. Having said that matching the right box to the right computer user can make quite a difference in your overall experience. In best computer cases 2016 we are going to look at what makes a good computer case and then we are going to review some of the best selling computer cases on the market.

What to look for in a computer case:

  • A good computer case is a mix of good looks and functionality. Get one that appeals to your sense of style.
  • One big job a computer case does is to move air through your PC, cooling it. 4 80 mm fans is standard. If you get something with fewer larger fans, it will make less noise while providing enough cooling.
  • If you are going to be tinkering with the hardware frequently, get a case that can be accessed without the use of tools.
  • Pay attention to where the USB and sound ports are located. Having these ports located conveniently makes a big difference.

Best computer case 2016
Best computer case 2016

Corsair CC800DW Obsidian 800D Black Aluminum Full Tower

The much awaited Corsair series 800D has been designed with builders in mind. Corsair grabbed the attention of real enthusiasts with the first entry into the market.

The sophisticated and durable chassis will be appreciated by experts and newcomers alike. The interiors are absolutely clutter free. This facilitates a continuous flow of air. This clutter free interior is created with the use of pre-cut holes for cable routing.

It is easy to swap or upgrade a hard drive. Just use the fourdrive hot swap drive bay. You can even save a lot of time in upgrading the CPU heatsink by using the CPU backplate cutout.

The 800D features a unique 3 zone cooling system that reduces the chances of overheating. With this design your hard drives never obstruct the flow of fresh air to your CPU or the power supply. It is also ideal for water cooling because it is predrilled for even a triple120 mm radiator.

Superior interior cooling features and plenty of space - that’s the Obsidian 800D in a nutshell.

GAMMA Classic Series ATX Mid Tower Interior Steel Chassis (Black)

The Gamma stresses more on retaining a normal airflow throughout the interiors. It has a 6 fan capacity and an efficient VGA/CPU cooling system. The exclusive front panel design lets in fresh air through the front. The backplate includes water cooling holes that come predrilled. There are mounting holes provided for a dual radiator at the top.

The gamma comes with clean lines and motherboard holes punched in. The CPU bracket can be easily removed and this enables the best wire routing. The turned JDD cage ensures that the cabling is well hidden.

The Gamma also comes with a high end graphics card support and a space that is customized for longer variety, 10.5 inch cards.

The interiors are a sleek black in color. The dimensions are approximately 21.8x10x21 inches. The whole product weighs about 14.2 pounds.

Sleek good looks and superior interiors- that’s the Gamma Classic for you.

Best selling computer case 2016
Best selling computer case 2016

Antec Twelve Hundred ATX 12 Drive Bays 2xUSB 2.0 eSATA Audio Full Tower Case

The Antec Twelve hundred is a new version of the popular nine hundred series. The change is perceptible in the improved design and capacity. The Antec 1200 has more cooling functions and better capacity.

The 1200 is highly durable and sturdy. It comes with 12 drive bays, space for the largest of graphics cards and 7 expansion slots.

Any excess heat can kill your system, so the Antec 1200 is designed to keep all the heat off your hard drives and power supplies. No matter how demanding your cooling needs are, the Antec 1200 can ensure that it is taken care of.

It has a top mounted 200mm LED fan, 3 front blue LED 120mm fans and 2 rear blue LED120,mm fans. The HDD cages are thoroughly cooled with an efficient airflow.

The front mounted USB, HD audio ports and eSATA ensure that this computer case is among the best in the market. The front panel comes with top mounted I/O ports that connect easily with the eSATA.

Top computer case 2016
Top computer case 2016

Cooler Master HAF 932 High Air Flow ATX Full Tower Case Black

The Cooler Master is guaranteed to grab a few looks with its rugged appearance and tough casing. This ensures complete protection for all your expensive computer parts inside. The HAF is designed to tackle and deal with high levels of heat, without affecting the sensitive parts inside.

If you want to upgrade faster to 5.25 inch drives and devices, you can use the patented finger press buttons and do it in a seconds. It also comes with HDD racks that are easily removable. The cable routing system is efficient and ensures a clean and clutter free look.

The Cooler Master provides a convenient access to liquid coolant and a meshed back slot to facilitate passive cooling.

You can mount an optional 120mmx2or3 radiator inside the case top. If you want additional air exhausts, you can mount up to 3 120x25mm fans.

There are retaining holes at the rear end that provide a perfect spot for your liquid cooling kits. There is an independent air intake facility at the bottom that can be buffered with the use of 2 x 120mm fans. This sturdy piece of kit also comes with removable HDD racks and anti vibration pads.

I hope you found what you where looking for in best computer cases 2016. Also check out best computer monitor 2016 and best gaming mouse 2016.


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    • profile image

      Correction 6 years ago

      It's far cheaper to build a GOOD PC than to buy a GOOD ready made PC.

    • profile image

      Pet Stuffers 6 years ago

      It is still far cheaper to build a PC than to buy one ready made.

    • dallas93444 profile image

      Dallas W Thompson 7 years ago from Bakersfield, CA

      Good "compute!" Informative hub. Thanks Although not currently planning to use a new case. You have saved some research time when I will be in the mood to purchase and upgrade. I remember when you could build cheaper than you could buy computers...