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Best Email Marketing Strategies

Updated on May 6, 2010

Email Marketing Strategies

Best email marketing strategies.    Image taken from copyright 2010.
Best email marketing strategies. Image taken from copyright 2010.

Email Marketing Strategies

I remember the days when email marketing for me was something quite mysterious and I thought you had to have some kind of degree to do effective email marketing, but now I know that this is not the case and email marketing is considered one of the top and most popular forms of online marketing and consider using it as some people think that having a list isn't important, which may be true, but if you go into an online business armed with all the tools that you can, then you will be well prepared for global domination or more realistically sub niche domination.

If you have the budget, one of the main ways you can help get an email marketing campaign set up is to look for a consulting firm with email marketing as their main service and pay them to help you, although this is mainly a method for established businesses and no good for the new online business starter with little capital or investments, but it is useful to ask the experts about it or read up on as much as you can as the world of email marketing has evolved over the years.

If you do hire someone, they obviously have to be a professional email marketer who knows their stuff and is able to commit to your project and help you with any questions that you may have, an email expert will give you guidance on designing your email campaigns and will help with specific time tested and proven strategies for your campaigns success.

By the way, when you start email marketing you will need a good auto responder and I don't mean those free ones that are just a load of turd, I mean good quality ones like Aweber which I use and you can write as many email follow up messages as you like, but you will have to pay extra if your subscribers reach over 500, which is a fair enough deal I suppose.

And with an auto responder you have the option of creating one strand of your marketing funnel through the wonderful method of email communications, you could create a really good email course split up into many parts sent out over so many days or every week for a full year if you wanted to, the idea is getting people subscribed to your list and staying there, the email course should be related tightly to your websites niche and be something that your visitors will find useful and valuable( even though it's free!)

Freebies like free reports and other incentives people seem to like, if they truly find them useful that is and then you can slip in a few affiliate links or a link to your product or service or top ebook on the subject of your choice

Newsletters are also a great additon as you can sum up information that has been on your mind for the past week, two weeks or a full month, it all depends on how much time you'll have to publish your newsletter by email and by publish I just mean send as that's all you do with e-newsletters and in these newsletters you could provide really quality articles or reviews of targeted products to your audience of subscribers and quite often a good newsletters can be either plain text or html, so people get to view it however they can depending on their email service.

Newsletters are a great chance of informing your subscribers about product updates and special offers too, so never underestimate the power of an e-newsletter.

With email marketing it is very useful to look at what is working and what is not, so you can get rid of the stuff that is just useless to you in your marketing warrior ways and what works well could be worth doing more of, particularly when you see a traffic spike when you perform a certain action like publishing two newsletters instead of one a month just to see what happens.

It's the same as looking at your website stats, always see what works best and continue to do that magical thing in email marketing, look at others who are successful in marketing through email, you might see some patterns and some obvious tricks that seem to work well for them, so try them yourself and always test and track.

Email Marketing Strategies

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    • waynet profile imageAUTHOR

      Wayne Tully 

      8 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom

      Cheers now, more to come!

    • vhinz316 profile image


      8 years ago from Philippines

      I love your hub, it's simple yet really informative. Keep it up :) God Bless

    • waynet profile imageAUTHOR

      Wayne Tully 

      8 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom

      Thanks for your detailed comment Gramsmith!

      Just imagine if we as webmasters did email marketing as one traffi source, then we did article marketing, then video marketing, then paid advertising and other free marketing methods we would certainly be on our way to millionaires!!

      It's about focus and drive to get anywhere online!

    • gramsmith profile image


      8 years ago

      Email marketing is becoming extremely popular.In today’s challenging economic environment, marketers and advertisers are looking at different ways to maximize the return on their marketing and advertising spend.Due to the emphasis on ROI, more companies will be using a direct channel like email marketing strategies and search marketing strategies to drive measurable results in 2010 and beyond.


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