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Best External Laptop Speakers

Updated on March 13, 2011

Laptop speakers typically need to be boosted a bit in order to provide acceptable sound for watching a movie or a video. Recorded audio is sometimes so soft that it is excruciating to listen to - you have to lean forward to make out the words. External speakers such as the Logitec USB Laptop Speaker Z305 can save the day for a myriad of people that want to hear decent sound coming from their laptops. There are many different shapes, sizes and styles of external speakers – some better than others.

Choosing the right external speaker will depend upon your own circumstances. How much space do you have? Will you be traveling with them? Do you prefer them to be powered by batteries, AC adapter or via a USB port? Are you very picky about the quality of sound or are you simply wanting to amplify the sound?

The Logitech USB Laptop Speakers are best if you plan to use them in a tight space. The Logitech Z305 is a single speaker shaped like a tube. It is approximately 12 inches long and approximately 1.5 inches around. A single attached cable uses the USB port of your laptop to obtain power for the Logitech Z305 Speakers. A grove designed into the back side of the speaker serves as a storage space for the cable when not in use. An included drawstring bag protects the speakers from scratches when placed in your bag or during storage.

The Logitech Z305 Speaker is best if you want all-around sound from a single speaker. The Z305 Speaker is lightweight enough to hang at the top of your laptop screen. The integrated clip is sturdy yet unobtrusive and the look is pleasing. Though the clip shows from the front – the speaker hangs to the backside of the laptop screen. The sound is evenly distributed so you receive good sound throughout the space.


 The Logitech Z305 Speaker is best if because it is simply Plug-and-Play. It is easy to set up and allows any computer user to feel comfortable from the start. Setting up the Logitech Z305 Speaker for the first time involves either plugging the USB cable into a USB port of your laptop or if you rather you can chose to listen to your favorite music from your MP3 player via the auxiliary 3.5mm jack.  

The compact design of the Logitech USB Laptop Speaker Z305 can be enjoyed indoors as well as in the great outdoors. Work no longer has to be done at your desk, and relaxing can happen anywhere you are whether it is in the park under a tree or on the beach lounging under a beach umbrella. Now you can hear your laptop or MP3 over the sound of birds and waves.



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    • chspublish profile image

      chspublish 6 years ago from Ireland

      The Amazon prices are very good for the Logitech, which I am considering buying at the moment. Thanks foer the info.