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Best Gaming Headphones 2016

Updated on November 16, 2015

In best gaming headphones 2016 we are going to be reviewing some of the best new headphone solutions for gamers.

Headsets with microphones
These are great for first person shooters like COD or MMORPGs like World of Warcraft. Being able to talk to your team makes the experience more immersive and improves your team's cohesion.

Noise canceling
If you sometimes game with a lot of background noise. It might be worth paying for headphones that specifically cover your ears in a way that blocks that background noise.

Wireless headphones
I am not a big fan of cables. With Wireless headphones you have more freedom of movement while you play.

Best gaming headphones 2016
Best gaming headphones 2016

Logitech G35 7.1

The Logitech G35 is our number one pick as top headset of 2016. It combines great sound input and output with dependability. The G35 is also great for high definition movies that support surround sound effects.

Logitech is a well established and respected brand in the gaming accessories market.

The G35 comes with a second generation Dolby headphone technology. It really does sound like you are using a full home theater system.

The ear enclosed design makes sure that you get effective noise reduction. The attached microphone also nullifies background noise to provide improved clarity.

The G35 comes with exchangeable head bands that can be adjusted for your comfort. There are on ear audio controls and the G keys can be customized.

The G35 has all the features to take your gaming experience to a new high.

Premium headphones
Premium headphones

Bose QuietComfort

These are the best premium headphones of 2016. If money doesn't matter to you they are the ones to get.

The headphone is definitely smaller and fits on your head well. There is a perceptible noise reduction and an improved clarity in the sounds. What’s more the ear cups are designed to improve your listening experience.

You can literally feel the noise reduction effects when you are somewhere noisy like on a train. It delivers high quality audio when it is plugged into your portable music systems or even in flight. The manufacturers claim that theheadphones can identify the noise in any environment and then dramatically reduce it.

These headphones are compatible with most mobile phones that are music enabled. You can store them with ease because the cups can be folded flat.

Nokia BH-905 High-Performance Bluetooth Stereo Headphones

This Nokia Bluetooth headset uses a state of the art technology that eliminates background noise. It therefore ensures the highest levels of clarity for all your calls and music. You can also switch between the music and the calls with the help of one touch keys.

You can opt for either wireless or the wired variety, when you are choose this headset. The benefit of the one with the cord is that it doesn't need batteries.

It comes with an active noise cancellation unit that ensures crystal clear sounds. This headset from Nokia enhances your listening pleasures and improves the quality of your calls.

Koss PortaPro Headphones

This is our best budget headphone pick.

The Koss PortaPro is a collapsible stereo headphone set that ensures quality sound output. It has a dependable design that provides the user with a comfortable experience. They provide a dynamic design together with a decent bass reproduction. It delivers quality music and good clarity.

The headphones come with adjustable pads that change the pressure according to your needs. This ensures that the ear plates are perfectly balanced on your ears. The multi pivoting and adjustable headbands adds to the comfort.

The PortaPro is portable and comes with an attractive carry case. Also included is a 0.25 adapter that ensures its compatibility with any system. You also get a dual entry cord measuring 4 foot with this device.

Finally, there is a lifetime warranty on these headphones.

Top gamer headphones 2016
Top gamer headphones 2016

Sennheiser HD 280 - Headphones

The HD -280 Pro is designed to provide you professional quality sound output. It is specifically useful for noisy environments. It comes with a sturdy design and provides sound output that is clear and of high quality.

The HD -280 Pro is easily portable because it comes with collapsible ear cups. Even if a part needs replacing, you can get it easily.

The HD280 Pro comes with a 9 foot detachable cord. The cord is a long lasting one and is made of high quality copper. Since it is detachable you can easily replace this cord, if you need to, without changing the headphone.

Sennheiser HD438 Around The Ear Headphones

The HD 438 headphones are around the ear headphones that provide you with a superior sound experience. It provides for excellent noise reduction and high quality sound output. Whether you are using it for calls or for the latest games, you always get a high quality output.

The HD 438 comes with a choice of 2 cables (10’ and 4.6’) that can be used at home or for travelling. The set comes with comfortable ear cushions designed to provide you sound that is light on the ears- this is more comforable when you are using it for an extended period of time.

The HD438 comes with a 2 year warranty.

I hope you found what you where looking for in 'best gaming headphones 2016'. You should also check out best gaming mouse 2016 and best computer monitor 2016.


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    • strawberryhill profile image

      strawberryhill 7 years ago

      The Quietcomforts are awesome for playing in a noisy environment from personal experience but not the absolute best in terms of sound quality. I would say great for a plane or personal favourites for gaming are the Grado SR60s...great detail and don't sound overblown in the bass which many gaming headphones can.

      Great hub - thanks!

    • TroyM profile image

      TroyM 7 years ago

      Mic won't work any longer. Time for new head phones. Thanks for the info - -heading to buy. Nice hub!

    • save my system profile image

      save my system 7 years ago from United Kingdom - London

      Hey, thanks for providing wonderful information on gaming headphone. You can truly enjoy the game with full volume and it's in built dashing music. I like closed ear earphone as they give supersonic quality of sound.

    • Derek D profile image

      Derek D 7 years ago from United States

      Nice Hub on Gaming Headphones.......

      I enjoy open ear vs closed ear headphones, I think they produce a cleaner sound stage. Just my opinion though :)

    • NickSimpson profile image

      NickSimpson 7 years ago from Jacksonville, Illinois

      You have listed some great headphones here. I love the old logitech ones I have. The biggest thing, I can add is that you want to use a set that offers a usb connection NOT mini jack.