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Best Internal Hard Drive 2016

Updated on November 9, 2015

As the device that stores all of your PC's data the hard drive is an essential part of your desktop. If you have an inferior hard disk it can become a bottleneck, slowing your whole system down.

We picked 3 of the very best new hard drives and shortly reviewed them in best internal hard drive 2016.

Because hard disks have internal moving parts, they tend to be slightly more prone to breaking than other PC parts. All the drives we recommend in this article come with a 3 year limited warranty.

Best selling internal hard drive 2016
Best selling internal hard drive 2016

Western Digital 2 TB Caviar Green SATA Intellipower 64 MB Cache Bulk/OEM Desktop Hard Drive

This 2TB capacity hard drive by Western Digital is a good internal drive from a trusted company in the hard drive market. I like how quiet it is and also it works on low power and low temperatures.

You can get slightly faster drives on the market, but for the price of this it does the job it is meant to do.

The 64 MB cache is larger than the standard 32 MB. This speeds up certain operations, like moving large amounts of data around.

I like how it comes with IntelliSeek which means it uses the optimum speed for lowest noise and energy consumption at all time.

This Western Digital implements some new software and technology intended to reduce noise and energy consumption. The problem is that it's not that compatible with older versions of Windows. If you have Windows XP or earlier I suggest getting one of the other hard disks.
A problem I found however is you get on better using it with the likes of Vista rather than XP.

There are no real reliability issues with it which is always a plus. For the cost it is well worth the money.

Internal hard drive reviews 2016
Internal hard drive reviews 2016

Seagate Barracuda 7200 1.5 TB 7200RPM SATA 3Gb/s 32MB Cache

The Barracuda drive really does try to be green. It is a low power drive and the manufacturer is proud of 70% of the materials being recycled. At 1.5TB I like the amount of information it can hold at the one time, but you can also get a 2TB version. It works well with both a PC and a Mac. It has a 7200-RPM drive meaning it is not sluggish at all compared to others around the same price with a 5400-RPM.

Do not be put off by earlier reports of freezing as Seagate brought out updates to resolve the problems. The new versions should be free of issues, but if not, a quick email can get things fixed. If you are reading reviews look at the ones from the start of 2009 to the present day.

I like how it is a low heat hard drive, so there is no need to worry about overheating in the case. It also does not make a lot of noise at all and is virtually silent. For me it is an ideal drive to use as a backup.

This drive should last a long time with some having run for over two years, with no problems, so you can largely trust them. It is a reasonable price for what you get in return, just be sure to check it on delivery for any bumps and scrapes.

Top internal hard drive 2016
Top internal hard drive 2016

Hitachi 2 TB Deskstar SATA 7200 RPM 32 MB Cache Internal Hard Drive

With 2TB of storage this is probably more than you will ever really need. The manufacturers say it can be added to your computer within minutes. It also comes with its own SATA cable in the box, so saves you buying another. It also comes with its own mounting screws, so you get the full package in the box, unlike some hard drives.

It might sound noisy at first but you can change it to a quieter setting with a Hitachi Feature Tool. You can get faster drives but it’s only necessary if you are using it as a server. Single home computers can handle it just fine. For home use at 7200RPM you should not really need anything else.

It has had a few heat related issues with some people but not to dangerous levels. The actual heat is only a fraction above that of the competition and does not make much difference to it overall.

As long as you know what you are doing a number of the drives should work well together with no problems.

It might be classed as a green eco-friendly hard drive but there are others out there that are greener if this is a reason for buying it.

For the price and the size of hard drive it is not breaking the bank and done right should last you for some time. It does have a full replacement warranty that last for three years should you be unlucky and that is all you need.

Even the largest hard drive can fill up, read how do I free up space on my hard disk.

I hope you found best internal hard drive 2016 useful.


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