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Best LED monitor 2016

Updated on November 9, 2015

LED monitors are a substantial improvement over LCD monitors, both in terms of display quality and power use.

When buying an LED monitor get one that has been produced recently. Early LED monitors had issues with size and yellow discoloring. With the newer models these problems are much less common.

I have shortly reviewed a few of the top new LED monitors in best LED monitor 2016 to help you find a suitable monitor.

The 24 and 27 inch monitors are currently the most popular. If space is an issue and you are going to be sitting close to the monitor don't buy an extremely large one. Of course if you are doing graphic design or video editing you might need one of the bigger screens.

Top rated monitor 2016
Top rated monitor 2016

ViewsonicVX2450WM -LED 24-Inch (23.6-Inch Vis) Widescreen LED Monitor with Full HD 1080p and Speakers

The Viewsonic monitor is a very green monitor that uses far less energy than it's competition. If you have a small business with several monitors the energy savings quickly stack up. If you combine this with it's modest price tag the VX2450WM is a very attractive monitor for businesses.

Unfortunately the image ViewsonicVX2450WM isn't quite a sharp as the other great monitors. It displays movies quite well, but when playing a computer game it lacks the depth of color I would expect with a high end monitor.

ASUS ML238H 23-Inch

The ASUS ML238H 23-Inch is my pick as best budget LED monitor of 2016.

For once this design of monitor actually has a stand that works and although it only swivels and has vertical tilt, it actually does support the unit which incidentally, is very light in the first place.

It ASUS ML238H is a classy piece of equipment to look at. It has great picture quality. It performs just as it claims to do and even the touch sensitive buttons are as responsive and work just as well as they are meant to work. This is a welcomed feature as so often these buttons don’t work as well as they should and feel sticky when used.

This monitor is definitely a value for money item and anyone who buys one will not be disappointed with their purchase. The ASUS ML238H will add style to any desktop.

Best selling LED monitor 2016
Best selling LED monitor 2016

ASUS VE278Q 27-Inch LED Monitor

The ASUS 27” LED monitor is a good premium package with a stand that snaps together very easily, just tighten the bolt and the whole thing is as sturdy as it can be.

The image on this monitor is crisp and bright when first turned on.

The colors on this screen are well defined, with a lot of depth to them. In brief this is the ideal monitor for playing games on. The response rate is 2 ms. This means when you are playing a PC game you can respond more quickly, than with other monitors. This feature will give you an edge in online games. Up to now this monitor has been very well received by everyone who has invested in one and they have expressed complete satisfaction with their new monitors.

Apple LED Cinema Display 27-Inch MC007LL/A

Apple has produced a monitor that will give a bit of serious competition to all other ones that are on the market today. The display of this model is tremendous. Colors and resolution are just as good. The whole package is by far one of the best high end deals around today.

The Apple monitor is very easy to set up and the rear ports are just what are needed with 2 USB 2.0 ports, FireWire 800 port, Gigabit Ethernet port, Thunderbolt port and the Kensington security slot are a terrific addition to the whole concept that Apple have developed.

This monitor not only works well but it looks good too. Apple has put a lot of thought into its design and it shows. Some people have shown a bit of concern over the gloss finish, but this is really nit picking and a very insignificant point, as it is not an issue at all. Matt finishes are rapidly becoming slightly outdated anyway, the new gloss finish is a definite addition of style to a very well conceived design.

Anybody who decides that this is the monitor for them will not be disappointed with their purchase.

Best MAC monitor 2016
Best MAC monitor 2016

I hope you found one of the monitors in best LED monitor 2016 suitable for your needs. You may also enjoy reading best security software 2016 and best all-in-one computer 2016.


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