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Best Security Software 2014

Updated on December 8, 2013

Many computer users only have anti-virus software installed. The truth is that such a setup leaves you vulnerable to many serious security risks. For complete protection you need a security suite that takes full control of your PC's security.

In best security software 2014 we are going to look at the important features of a good security suite and then we will review the top 3 security suites of 2014.

Benefits of a top security suite:

  • Antispyware protection: This protects you from having your credit card details and personal information (identity theft) stolen. A function not performed by anti-virus software.
  • Antispam: Greatly reduces incoming spam to your PC.
  • Firewall: Protects your WiFi network from attack.
  • Virus protection
  • Parental Control: This doesn't just protect children, but stops all users of a PC from accessing undesirable content.
  • IM encryption: Blocks outside software from listening in on your instant messages.
  • File Shredder: Make sure that files you delete are gone forever.

Top security software of 2014
Top security software of 2014

Bitdefender Total Security 2014

Windows 7, Vista, XP

Bitdefender is our number one pick because it provides the broadest protection and does so at a reasonable price.

Bitdefender does a great job of blocking identity theft. You are able to do your shopping and banking with complete confidence that none of your personal information will be allowed to leak out. Not through emails, instant messaging or web browsing.

Downloads are secure, whether it’s music, movies or web files.

You get 2 GB of online storage and you can setup the security suite to automatically backup important files online.

Parental controls have been improved from earlier versions of Bitdefender. Parents are now able to see at a glance what websites their children have been visiting. Specific timetables can be set as to when your children are able to access the internet.

Bitdefender allows users to set up a security profile to match their PC use. This makes security management much easier.

Bitdefender's file scan is much faster, as it only scans files that have changed since it's last scan. Active Virus Control monitors all your computer processes, 24/7 to insure you complete safety, all the time.

So, whether you are a novice or an expert, you will find that you will easily be able to manage all of your PC security with this great software package.

Best selling security software 2014
Best selling security software 2014

Kaspersky Internet Security 2014

Windows 7, Vista, XP

With Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 you no longer have to worry about security when you surf the web. The safety of your applications is automatically determined, and appropriate security measures are taken to protect you. You can bank safely, input private information without fear of discovery, and your identity is protected. Up to the second protection against threats, identity theft, and phishing, with parental controls, and free tech support are all part of this software package.

You will be able to send and receive email without worrying about messages being infected, and share documents with confidence. Inappropriate content can be blocked for the protection of your family members, especially young children.

This is also the ideal software for the gamers out there. No interruptions, and an all around better gaming experience. Superfast performance with automatically adjusted scanning technologies makes sure your online gaming won't be interupted.

All websites are instantly verified as to whether they contain malicious threats. Great software for the price, which is pretty reasonable, considering all that it does.

Top rated security software 2014
Top rated security software 2014

AVG Internet Security

Windows 7, Vista, XP

If the cost of your security software is an issue go with AVG security. It provides robust security at an affordable price.

Anyone trying to access your personal information, credit card or banking info is stopped in their tracks with AVG. Passwords are equally safe. You can surf the Web securely, knowing that everything you do and anywhere you go is protected, even before you go there.

Link Scanner is the first of it’s kind that is able to check the safety of a website just as you are about to click the link, so your safety is guaranteed ahead of time. Hackers have no chance to see inside your PC, and LIVE Research always checks the websites before you go there to see that everything is as it should be.

Being safe automatically is what this software is all about.

The new scanning capabilities only scans files that have been changed since the last known scan, so that less time and resources are used which means your system is not slowed down.

Email Scanner keeps unwanted viruses and phishers out of your mailbox, and the new Anti-spam will effectively block spammers from clogging up the system, even if you are offline at the time.

Anti-Rootkit guarantees even the most sophisticated threats are kept out of your PC.

WebShield makes it easy and safe for you to download and exchange files with utmost safety and security.

This software was awarded the 2014 Global Product Excellence Award in Security Solutions for Consumers, so it is safe to say that this program is a sure thing and well worth the investment.

If you found best security software 2014 useful you should also check out best budget laptop 2014 and best external hard drive 2014.


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