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Best PDA phone 2016

Updated on December 13, 2015

The idea with a PDA phone is to combine a phone with a computer and then allow you to carry it around in your pocket. Now a PDA phone isn't as powerful as a computer, yet, but they do allow you to perform a number of tasks that would otherwise only be possible with a computer or laptop and an internet connection.

In best PDA phone 2016 we are going to look at the benefits of owning a PDA phone and then we will review the top 3 PDA phones of 2016.

PDA phones come with a number of functions that they perform out of the box. Usually things like working in MS Office, sending and reading emails, web browsing, taking on-site pictures and sending them to your friends, playing MP3s and watching movies. But you can also download many software packages, just like with a PC, to get more from your PDA phone. Some of these packages are free and others aren't.

PDA phone are more expensive than normal mobile phones. In my opinion the convenience of a PDA phone makes it worth worth the cost. It might however be more economical for you to sign up for a mobile phone contract, that comes with a PDA phone. Check out the Amazon Wireless Store if that sounds interesting to you.

Blackberry - Best PDA phone reviews 2016
Blackberry - Best PDA phone reviews 2016

BlackBerry 9700 Bold

The newest BlackBerry is our number one pick as best PDA phone of 2016.

When it comes to PDA phones you have 2 interface options, either a full qwerty keyboard like with the BlackBerry or a touch sensitive interface, like with the HTC and iPhone. If you are going to be doing a lot of emailing and/or online chatting I recommend the BlackBerry. Sending emails is what the BlackBerry does best, much better than the competition. I don't like typing on the touch phones.

The BlackBerry 9700 Bold has a high-resolution screen that vividly displays over 65000 colors. This improves the experience when you watch videos or web browse.

The BlackBerry 9700 had a unique interface that is designed much like that of a laptop. You can use the trackpad navigation system to easily scroll through icons and menus.

If you want to synchronize your blackberry with audio and data files from your PC, you can do that with a few clicks. What’s more, you get up to 35 hours of pure listening pleasure with every charge. You can easily increase the on board memory (256 MB RAM) with a microSD card. This helps you make extra room for messages, emails, apps, documents and even multimedia files.

This smart device comes with a 3.2MP camera and video camera functionality. You can easily view and record video and watch it on the high resolution screen with this phone. You are also able to share that data. It comes with a high speed 3G network connectivity that lets you view email attachments as well as material on the web.

The Wi-Fi support lets you get in touch with all the available hotspots in your area.

This unlocked phone is compatible with GSM carriers like T mobile and AT&T. However, it will not work with CDMA carriers. The phone has enough battery power for up to 6 hours of talk time.

HTC - Top PDA phone 2016
HTC - Top PDA phone 2016

Htc Hd2 T8585

The HTC and iPhone 4 are the year's big touch sensitive PDA phones and direct competition for each other. The phones have very similar statistics, but we like the HTC more. The HTC has much more storage space and RAM, which means you can store more data and run more powerful applications. The Iphone 4 has a slightly larger screen than the HTC. Both phones have a 1 GHz processor and GPS capability.

This phone is the first windows phone that uses the HTC sense - a state of the art technology that focuses on the intuitive use of your phone.

The HTC HD2 focuses on people. This is evident in its features and applications. You can collect all the updates from your friends and associates - whether emails, face book updates or SMSs, in the same place. You can even read an email and talk to the sender straight away. Just tap the icon on the right and start talking.

This smart device uses standard 3G connectivity. It comes with a 5MP camera with automatic focus. The camera is much better than the one on the BlackBerry.

The HTC gives you around 6 hours of talk time or 490 hours of standby time.

Apple iPhone

This premium device comes with cutting edge technology that will enhance your productivity wherever you are. The iPhone is a sleek pocket computer, an attractive iPod and a wonderful game player. You can watch a movie, listen to your favorite songs and surf the web with this smart device.

Several users have reported that the front panel on the phone cracked after it had been dropped. So if you do get an iPhone don't drop it.

The smart onscreen features let you control video, play and listen to music. It even switches screen modes at a tap.

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    • CheapMobilePhones profile image

      CheapMobilePhones 7 years ago from UK

      The PDAs are really like a mini netbook. Now-a-days these phones are the best companion for our busy life.