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Best Samsung Galaxy S Apps

Updated on May 28, 2011

For a long time it looked as if the iPhone would be the ultimate champion of the cell phone industry; with it's sleek design, and very responsive touch screen, the iPhone could do everything that other cell phones couldn't (not to mention it's ever expanding app store).  It seemed the future was clear - and the leader of it all would be Apple.

Other companies, however, had a different idea.  They wanted to compete; or they at least wanted to see if they could compete.  A great example of this is with the Samsung galaxy S mobile phone.  Built similar to the iPhone (almost the same size) and with a beautiful touch screen the Samsung galaxy s was one of the first phones to truly rise to the challenge Apple posed. 

And did they succeed?

By all accounts the Samsung galaxy S has been a huge success.  Millions upon millions of units have been sold worldwide, making Samsung once again a leader of the cell phone world (not to mention the recent release of the Samsung galaxy tab).

But what got them the success?  It wasn't the design, it was too much like the iPhone.  No, it was something.  It was the Samsung galaxy S apps, and the Samsung galaxy S app store - otherwise known as the Google marketplace.  People wanted something different from apple and they got that with the thousands of android apps. 

Next question:  what are the best Samsung galaxy s apps?  What are the best apps for the Samsung galaxy S?  What are the best free Samsung galaxy S apps?  What are the best games for Samsung Galaxy S?


Top 5 Samsung Galaxy S Apps:



Advanced Task Killer

When trying to determine the top applications for the Samsung galaxy S I had to think of a lot of things. I had to think what a best app for the galaxy S would look like; would it be a game? Would it be for business? Did it have to free ? Or would top Samsung galaxy S apps just have to do something really good for the consumer?

I chose the latter.

And that's where Advanced task killer comes in, one of the best apps for the Samsung galaxy S. What is it exactly? It's exactly the same as task manager you have on your computer; it gives you the ability to terminate apps and other programs with one click. On a cell phone, with not a lot of ram, this is a god-send. It works perfectly and, the best part, is free.

One of the best Samsung galaxy i9000 s apps.



Doodle Jump

When choosing the top apps for the Samsung galaxy S I had to not just pick an app that was good for the consumer, but also pick an application that would cover all categories; and that included games.

What's are the best games Samsung galaxy s? In the end it's all on opinion but, in my opinion , Doodle jump is one of the best games for this android phone. Is it the best? Well that's up to you. All i know is that it is one of the best apps for the galaxy phone.

The game is simple. You have to help a creature, which has been doodled on your phone, reach as high as possible. Simple, yet very addicting.


Google Goggles

Innovation is good, right? Well when it comes to competing with Apple, it's not only good, but essential. And Google Goggles, one of the best applications for Samsung galaxy S, does just that. Incredibly so.

Google goggles is a visual search app that will take a picture of an object with the camera on your phone. Then it will attempt to recognize it. Once it does that it will try and relate to 8 different categories where it will then give you a relevant search. For example if you take a picture of a wine bottle, it will try and decipher what kind of wine it is, who made it, and where it came from. Brilliant.

The innovation alone makes it one of the Samsung galaxy s top apps.



No best application for the Samsung galaxy phone is complete without the inclusion of a great music app. And that's what Pandora - a very, very good music app.

Haven't heard of it? Pandora will allow you stream music from thousands of different radio stations, ultimately giving you thousands of free music to choose from. It will even remember what you liked, and what you didn't , and make playlists accordingly.

One of the best apps, hands down, for the Samsung galaxy s.


Adobe Reader

The last app on this list was a touch one to choose from. I wasn't sure how to pick; there were many, many different apps I could of picked for this final spot.

So why did I pick adobe reader?

Because it does something the iPhone doesn't. It allows you to read, and interact with flash pages.

Enough said.



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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      My daughter has this phone and loves it. Great information, thanks!


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